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Most mobile apps today have not yet exploited the full functionality of the touch screen. Besides texting and a few gesture swipes, not much has been done really. One of the apps that is currently changing this is Inkboard. This app allows you to play painter, using the entire screen as your canvas. You can feel free to draw in any way you like. The idea is to make communication easier and simpler, cutting down on the pain of texting for hours. Conversations can be brought to life with this one.


Developed by, Inkboard is a new kind of keyboard- one without keys. It gives you a drawing interface to express yourself, helping you liberate your ideas better. What makes this app special is the integration. It is not a stand-alone app needs to be run by itself. In fact, it has been added to your usual keyboard. This way, you can access the canvas anytime you want while texting or writing out mails. You can use it with other apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Messages and just any app where you use your keyboard. It gives you a potential for creative though, changing the way you express yourself.


The interface provided by the app is quite something for someone who likes art. It comes with an array of drawing tools such as crayons, highlighters, pencils, colored pens, markers and other tools such as eraser, zoom, undo, etc. You can create masterpieces of art with all this. There are various shades and textures in these. Also, they are extremely easy to use, giving you a natural feel. You do not have to take a separate tutorial just to learn how to draw using this app.

Another awesome feature is that you do not always have to get started with a blank canvas. If there is some existing picture that you would like to modify or add a personal touch to, you can do so using this app. Add your own to images or highlight certain parts of them. You can even use an image as a template for your art. You can make notes on images if you wish too. The freedom to draw how you like is complete.


To access an empty drawing pad, you first install the app on your iOS device. It is available for free download from the App Store, requiring iOS 8.0 or higher versions. It will then get integrated into your keyboard in the form of a small globe in the centre. Once you finish your drawing, you have the option to copy and paste it or upload it online to share a link where required. You can share your drawings anywhere and anytime with ease.

This app is for those who doodle and draw in real life and have often felt that text and emoji is not enough to help them express their thoughts. Inkboard provides a neat and sweet alternative to communication via your mobile. You can create your own signature style with this app.

Wide range of drawing tools

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