PGPTools: Encryption and decryption made easy

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Some communication must be kept purely confidential for business or private reasons. Whatever the reason be, privacy and data security is a primary issue for all smart phone users. No matter how many passwords you protect your phone with, there are always one or two people who happen to get a sneak peek into your phone at the wrong time, reading messages that no one is supposed to be reading. This could cause a lot of havoc indeed. To avoid such unnecessary situations, Android app developers SJ Software have developed the app PGPTools. This is an encryption tools that will keep all your messages safe from prying eyes.


PGPTools is your go-to app for data privacy and security. It not only encrypts the messages you send but also decrypts the ones you receive. All this with the click of a single button. Any outsider reading your messages will only read gibberish that will make absolutely no sense to him. So, fear no more. All you need to do is download this app and sign up for an account using your e-mail. With this, you’re good to go.


The algorithm used by this app is PGP encryption. Standing for Pretty Good Protection, the algorithm does what its name suggests. It protects you pretty well indeed. It generates a set of PGP keys, both public and private, along with a set of passwords. You can select your own keys or import existing ones too. Once you install the app, you can type out your message and encrypt it using any one of the keys. The encrypted message can then be sent via any messaging service such as WhatsApp, email, Skype, Viber, etc. The key is sent separately in another message. On the other end, the receiver inputs the encrypted message and key to decode it. It’s that simple!

The good part of the app is that it has been designed such that anyone can use it. There is an elaborate image tutorial and a set of FAQs to help out newbies. Nonetheless, it does not take much time to figure out the working of the app. Encryption and decryption can be done with the click of a single button. Quite literally. Everything is at the tip of your fingers, safe and secure like never before.


This is a paid app, priced at $0.99. The price is totally worth the services and privacy it provides. It does what it promises and nothing more or less. There are a few annoying ads, despite paying for the app. It solves a huge problem for a large number of Android users. The simplicity of design is quite refreshing, giving the app a unique edge.

PGPTools is available in the Google Play Store for download. It requires Android 4.0 or higher versions and 1.5MB of memory space. With just this much, you ca be rest assured that nobody can read your messages unless intended to. This app addresses the essential issue of data security and privacy in a very nice way.

Good: Easy to use

Bad: Ads despite paying

Worth Having App – Download the App

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