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Does the term ‘photo messaging app’ sound fun? There are so many of them in the market and they all do the same thing. You snap a photo and send it to people whom you know. What if there was an app that did exactly the opposite of this? This is exactly what fling does. You click a pic and the app shares it with people you do not know. Just 50 random people across the world. To add to the fun, the people receiving your photo could choose to message you privately and spark up a conversation too! Sounds exciting right?


The good part about the app is that it does not restrict your messages to photos. You could put in text or photos or videos or just anything you like in your message. You do not get to decide who it is being sent to. That is decided at random by the app. The fun starts after you have flung your message across the world. You can just sit back and wait for those who have received it to reply if they consider it worth the effort. If anyone does reply, you can start up a conversation and get to know another random person in the world. Also, the app shows you the approx. locations where it has been flung on a map of the world.


Another thing to be noted is that the messages you fling are not temporary. There is no time limit on your message. They are permanent and might reside on another person’s phone forever. If you wish to fling a rude or unpleasant message, it is best to keep that in mind before you do that. On a side note, if that is exactly what you intend,using Fling would be a great idea.


Using the app is very simple. You get started with signing up for a quick account and you’re good to go. You receive your first fling from ‘Amy’, which explains the entire working of the app in video message. It is basically a lesson on how to go about flinging your messages across the world. Also, she explains how you can reply back to people whose flings you receive by simply double tapping on the message or on their reply. If you really like a message, you may choose to fling it to others again. This is like re-tweeting, only to 50 random people. Another useful feature is that you can report a message if you find the content offensive. To do that, you just have to swipe right on a message.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store for free. It is currently available for all iOS devices with iOS 8.0 or higher versions. If you wish to meet new people and start up random conversations with them, Fling would be the ideal app. You can share whatever is on your mind with random people and start up conversations based on this. While the idea of the app is new, it has been growing in popularity crazily. It is one app you must try out.

Good: Meet new random people

Bad: None

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