Whack Magic: Whack-a-mole + RPG + Endless runner

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Whack Magic, an Android app game, puts together the best elements of Endless runner, RPG and whack-a-mole. All this is combined into a single game for you! This is one of those games that you will not regret downloading and installing on your Android device for sure. It is an excellent enhancement to the traditional whack-a-mole games. To give you a gist of the game, you are taken into a fascinating and beautiful world of magic where you have to kill enemies with the help of wizards. You have to keep progressing in the game without much delay, encountering a number of interesting elements along your path.


The first thing about the game that will take you by awe is the graphics. They are simply superb! The hard work and design put in by the developers into this game is clearly visible. As you enter the main menu, you will begin to notice the graphics right from there. There are a few animations in the main menu itself, which spark an interest in players and set the mood for the game.

This game is very different from any other available in the App Store. It has a really good story line that is presented in the form of the game history and is essential to understand the game concept fully. There is a set of brief instructions to make the gameplay clear. There are a lot of monsters on your way and you have to find them and hunt them down.


In the beginning, the first few levels seem way too easy. However, as the game progresses and more characters and power-ups are added, it gets a lot better in no time. The excitement and addictiveness kicks in. The minute there is more than one type of monster on your grid, it can get quite challenging and hectic to deal with them. This is exactly where the challenge and the life blood of this game reside. Enemies appear and then disappear in just no time, adding to the fun factor.


The speed with which the enemies move in and move out is where the whack-a-mole elements set in. It is quite simple and fast-paced. As timing becomes more crucial in the later levels, the difficulty increases. As you continue your game, a number of items such as arrows, potions, bombs and shields will be dropped to help you attack your enemies. There are a number of power-ups to help you out as well.

The simplicity, exciting gameplay and excellent graphics are what make this game worth a shot. The idea of having the gameplay limited by a 3*3 grid with monsters swarming in from all directions to attack you keeps the game simple and challenging. The speed with which it progresses is a defining factor too. Anyone who enjoys fast-paced games with good graphics must try out this game. It is sure to have people of all ages and skill levels hooked in no time, owing to the design and adventure it has to offer.

Good: Excellent graphics

Bad: None

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