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Before we got the chance to use smart phones, people use go through so much trouble to get good effects for photos and videos. Thanks to technology, devices like phones , tablets and computers have been rejuvenated to do all the things that a user would wish to do with their photos and videos. Photo editing has become more fun because the smart devices can be installed with applications to the job in an instance. Photocon is an application that is created to connect different photos into one with an effect that the user prefers.


The application allows the user to create quality and extra ordinary photos. There are people who are used to Photoshop. They may be used to Photoshop because they cannot access more advanced photo editing applications like photocon. It is easier and better to use photocon because it has more effects and more photo editing options. The photocon application is more faster and easy to use if the user is familiar with smart phones.


A smart phone user who wishes to use the photocon application must first down load it through his or her application provider. The next step is to take a photo of a place, someone, something or yourself. Whatever photo that excites or interests the user. The next step is to run your finger down the screen, making a line or a curve that will separate the two photos. After doing so, the user then takes the next photo that they think will bond and look good with the first photo. After doing so, the user will get the final result of two photos intertwined to one. The most amazing quality about photocon is that it allows the user to adjust the photos for a perfect end result.



The features of the application are always laid down on the screen so that the user knows what to do and when to do it. It makes things easier for the user. The application also provides two shutter buttons. The shutter buttons are all on each side of the phone. The user therefore does not have to go through the photo menu over and over again to get the shutter button. This feature makes the work less hectic and fun. The photocon application also allows the user to adjust the settings of the camera or the resolutions and zoom of the camera right on the screen. The user does not have to go back to the menu bar to get the features adjusted. The modes of shooting are also available and are located right on the screen.



The photocon application can easily be downloaded from Google play. The download process is free and there are no advertisements or other pop ups that usually come up. The application is a great possession because it makes all photo sessions fun and exciting. Users who love to travel in different places and take a lot of photos are advised to download the photocon application because it makes the whole experience unforgettable.

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