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AZZL is an iPhone app that is blend with unique combination of cartoon and mobile game, developed by Jutiful. Users who are running this app on the iPhone have to complete a different set of puzzles within an animated cartoon. This app offers amazing collection of puzzle that you don’t have played ever before. Just tap, swipe, move and rotate the broken parts of an animated cartoon and solve the amazing puzzle. The app keeps engraining and explores your mind. It enables one to explore various fields of technology. AZZL is an iPhone that has cartoon and games which takes care of you whenever boredom sets in.


You can set few challenges for your mind and solve the puzzle in a funny way. The puzzle or the challenge mentioned in this app is represented in form an animated cartoon. Users can engage themselves and get pretty tasks in solving the puzzles. AZZL is an iPhone app offers user-friendly interface with simple navigation system. With its simple and easy features children can easily use this brainstorming app.


Features of AZZL iPhone app:

• Inventive gameplay
• Exclusive and assorted puzzles
• Characters which rustle in the mind
• A variety of little secrets
• In-app purchase is absolutely absent
•Has uptonearly a hundred cartoon stories
• Based on the real fantasies
• Best graphics


As a user you will explore an entire gaming experience that take into world of puzzles. The app includes puzzle that have its own plot to play and include wacky characters to meet, and puzzles to complete. If you complete them all you’ll unlock a secret world even crazier than the others. AZZL is an appealing app that looks so attractive and tempting. Its beautiful artwork and animals visuals relate you with Disney life and you love to solve the puzzles. With this app you will keep busy yourself as it includes many stories of puzzle resolving and with each puzzle a secret is associated, which keeps the charm of solving puzzles till end.

Device Requirements

• Requires the iOS 7.0 or even later
• Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
• 464 MB

AZZL app includes a variety of puzzles integrated with an animated image. Users have to complete an animated image by tapping and swiping. You need to join pieces which are broken according to individual shapes such as squares, zigzags, waves, hexagons, triangles, circles, and more.

With this app you will explore a unique way of map that helps to resolve puzzles in an exciting way. The app is entertained with hybrid of the game and also cartoon charged fully with emotions or jokes. The puzzles of animation get so juicy that the vitality will ever never be same again. Just hold your fingertips and enjoy the exciting feature of this app. The develop of this app are specialized in beautiful creation of creating cartoons and thus educational,develop entertainment and game applications since 2012. The app gives the users most amazing experience of puzzle solving. Moreover, the unique graphics, smoothest touch and responsive features set apart this from its competitors.

So, don’t wait download this app and enjoy the amazing puzzle solving experience that you not enjoyed never before.

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