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Your phone serves many roles: your PR agent to the world, your music player, your movie theatre, etc. But the most important role that it plays is your chamber of secrets. It carries the most confidential documents of yours and images/videos that must not be seen by anybody else but you. You can’t delete them and keeping them in the open is like inviting a chaos. So what’s the solution? Locking your phone seems to be obvious and many of you are already using such locking Software that keeps spy eyes away from your data. But when your mother asks you why you’re using this lock, then it becomes a bit difficult and uneasy to explain. So to make sure you deceive them all without letting them know that they’re being deceived, you need something special. You need Leo Privacy Guard!


Leo Privacy Guard is one of the most popular Android privacy tools in the Play Store. The app has been developed by Leomaster and is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.


Leo Privacy Guard is a multi-fold app. Its job can be divided into several departments. First of all, it’s the app-locker. Just select the app/apps from the list that you want to lock and it’s done. Pattern password allows you infinite possibilities to create a simple but secure gateway to intruders. But as I said, a password shows that something important is behind the walls and therefore raises questions. Leo Privacy Guard has an alternative for that. They call them app covers which come in many different avatars. An “error” app cover when applied will show that there’s an error opening the app whenever someone tries to. But only you’d know how to escape it to the password window. You can change it later for another excuse.

This app allows you to hide your images/videos as well as encrypt your SMS and calls. So now you won’t have to look out with a caution every time your phone beeps for a message/call thinking that your girlfriend might have been on the other side. All her calls and messages will automatically be encrypted or for any other contact you choose for.


Apart from all these security features, the app also helps you keep your phone’s performance optimum. It lets you keep an eye on phone memory and you can clean some by uninstalling some apps if you want to. Moreover, you can take a backup of all the apps as well. The app has many beautiful themes for you to choose from. Even a security guard can be interesting; if dressed interestingly!

So overall, I’d say that Leo Privacy Guard is the perfect app to keep your essentials hidden in a secret chamber without letting anybody to know about it. The app is available for free in the App Store. So don’t forget to check it out!

Pros: hide images/videos; lock apps; smartly designed app covers; backup; encrypt SMS/calls; free.

Cons: none.

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