iPlum – U.S Phone Number with HD Quality Calling & Secure Texting: Overseas travel made simple

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If you are a person who travels overseas often, be it for business or personal reasons, the roaming charges are indeed a nightmare. Also, they do not ensure quality or privacy. In the end, they tend to disrupt your normal life abroad and eventually become your largest source of grief. iOS app developers have developed iPlum to solve all of this for you. This app makes calling, texting and roaming easy and convenient for global users.


What the app does is quite simple. It gives you a US phone number for your iOS device. In addition to just a phone number, it brings in HD quality calls and secure texting along with caller ID enabled by a real phone number. This way, you do not have to sacrifice your carrier minutes at any cost. To top it all, all calls and messages between users of the app are free as well as unlimited.


All of your US contacts can reach you via local calls while you can reach them easily without hassles too. In the event that you are not able to get any service, you can connect to a nearby Wi-Fi and make calls like before. This comes in handy majorly when you are in transit. You can choose between Wi-Fi and carrier data as your need be.

This way, you save a lot of roaming charges for texts and calls to the US from abroad. You can also use this number for dating sites, web promotions, e-commerce and more as a large number of sited offering these services are available only in the US so far. If you are a professional, this app masks your personal phone number, allowing you to use your personal phone for professional purposes. It allows you to separate all your messages, call logs and contacts for your work from personal ones. With this app, you can also use your iPad as an iPhone with a dedicated phone number.


Another awesome feature of this app is the multimedia messaging within the app. everything from videos to files to text to photos can be sent through the app as personal or group texts. All of this without any roaming charges and completely free of cost. All messages sent out via this app are encrypted with PKI Cryptography and AES-256 Data Encryption to keep it secure to the highest level. In-app calls and voicemails are free and unlimited. The best part is that they work on LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G data.

The app is available for free download in the App Store. However, once you activate your subscription for a phone number, you have to pay a monthly service charge of $0.99. All other charges are added in the section of in-app purchases. With this, you get 30 minutes credits free and then all external calls are charged at 1 cent/minute. You do not have to deal with annoying ads anymore on the plus side. It requires iOS 7.0 or higher and 28.1 MB of free memory space. All said and done, it is the ideal app for those that travel overseas frequently.

Good: Free and unlimited in-app calling

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App

Website : https://iplum.com/

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