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Fancy Applock is a very popular mobile application that is supported by all devices that have and android operating system. Fancy Applock is an application that is always user friendly. Every person in the society can use it without many difficulties. Fancy Applock is an application that has been designed in a peculiar way that helps you live your private life in peace. Applock is a new application whose latest version was released 10th October 2015 –version 1.0.5. Applock is also an android application that does not slow down the operation of your mobile phone. This mobile application is very important in our day-to-day lives.


Fancy Applock is an android mobile application that helps you keep all your photos, mobile emails, videos, and music in private mode. This application is also very peculiar because it is also able to confuse other people who use thou cell phone. The application does not allow them to access your mobile applications. Such as Gmail, Viber, Skype, Whatsapp, and your video-photo-gallery. This application helps you keep all the snoopers by providing multiple cover options and application locks. Therefore, every person should download fancy Applock.


Fancy Applock has an amazing cover, which can only be unlocked by you. These cover blocks enable you to block access to private applications by showing the snoopers a fake screen-this fake screen can only be unlocked by you. You can also add a second layer of security network on your application that has additional application locks such as pattern locks or pass-codes. Fancy Applock gives four options to choose from when hiding your applications. These options are; fingerprints application cover that helps you secure applications by asking fake fingerprint verification, an error message cover that hides your applications by fooling snoopers into thinking that a real error has occurred. A voice authentication application covers that hides your applications by displaying a faked voice application screen and the last option is that of an unknown caller cover that hides applications by fooling the snoopers with fake incoming calls.


The application has very beautiful graphics that well optimized to ensure that the application does not slow down the operations of your android mobile device. Fancy Applock also has a very good color system that is appealing to the eyes of its users. Fancy Applock also provide questions that are very funny and that is why the main theme of fancy Applock is to protect your privacy in a very entertaining way. This security system is very complex and unique and it is very hard for hackers to unlock your applications.

Fancy Applock has numerous benefits that range from preventing your friends from posting your photos without your knowledge to adding a security layer in your messaging and calling applications. This application has given you all the reasons as to why you should download it instantly.

You can download fancy lock from Google Play at no cost. You will only be required to have a free memory of about 5.5 Mb in your android device (4.0 and up).

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