Innovation Age Of Crafting- Puzzle and Discoveries

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Today we have a puzzle that’s going to blow your mind. Innovation Age of Crafting is a very unorthodox puzzle that portrays a periodic drama on-screen. The game talks about the evolution of mankind and the different inventions which proved to be revolutionary during different phases. For example, fire was invented by man during the Stone Age when he accidently struck together two stones and sparks were produced. Therefore, when you’ll combine man with stone, fire will be the outcome. This is the basic strategy of this game. You have to combine two different elements to result into a third one. A chain thus starts where you keep combining two elements from the many available on the board and finally you arrive at one element. For example, man plus woman give family. Family plus cave gives cave painting and cave painting plus fire gives rituals. So they’re all connected to one another.


The game is divided into five different chapters: Stone Age, Antiquity, the Middle Age, the Renaissance and the Modern Age. Each chapter has 25 levels to complete. But if you’re playing the free version, only first 10 levels are available to play. After that, the second chapter opens up for you to play. So even if you don’t spend a single penny out of your pocket, the game still has a lot of content to offer you. Each level has some elements that you have to combine. Add to them some obstacles. These can be solid-rocks, empty tiles, movable tiles, guiding tiles, breakable rocks and many more. More and more obstacles keep on being introduced as you proceed further in the game.


The beauty of this game lies in the fact that you get to discover new items at each level and the quest to find them is very interesting. I must say that each level poses a mind-boggling challenge to your mind and credit must go to the developers who have devoted enough time to create such gripping puzzles. In doing so, they haven’t aided the complex-way-out. They have kept the puzzles very neat and clear-cut. You know what you have to find and the help button even shows you how to do it i.e. the different combinations possible. But the hardest nut to crack is the combination of your moves. You may move an item in any of the four possible directions and there is more than 1 possible solution. But your job is to find the one with the least number of moves and it’s not going to be easy!


All the new inventions that you find in every level of the game keep adding to your collections. So play more and collect more. Also, you can share your scores with your friends on social media. So don’t hesitate from showing off your quick moves!

Overall, I’d say that Innovation Age of Crafting is a beautiful game that’s made intelligently. The app is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or any later version of the OS. So don’t forget to check it out!

Pros: beautiful graphics; 100+ levels; addictive gameplay; neatly built levels; challenging puzzles; 5 different chapters; add discoveries to your collection; multiple obstacles; free.

Cons: none.

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