Launch by Quixey Launcher: Quick Makeover to Your Phone

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If you’re not satisfied with your phone’s default launcher, you’re not alone. But if you haven’t switched to a better launcher yet, then chances are high for you to be alone in that group. There are much better options available in the Play Store for an app launcher. So why are you sticking to the old-gen launcher? Most of us have a hesitation to switch to third party launchers simply because we think that they would slow down our phone. But nowadays phones are coming with 2GB and even more of RAM. So the old adage is no more applicable. So let’s check out a launcher that your phone is fit for.


It’s the latest Android app called Launch by Quixey Launcher that I’ve recently tried and I think it’s much better than the traditional launcher I’ve been using for months. First of all, the launcher that we use is static in nature i.e. it doesn’t change for the better during its course of use. It’s the very same from the first day to the last except for a few new wallpapers that you can choose from.


But with Launch, each of your interactions is like an input to a great analyzing machine which takes them into consideration and reorganizes the structure of the interface accordingly. So whether it’s your call log or your messaging activity or your application habits, Launch puts your preferences on the first place and puts the rest of the “less important” things on the back-page. So the app will know in advance whom most probably you’re going to call next and move the contact up the list.


Next, Launch introduces us to Deep View Cards. These cards are actually live pictures of your apps and get you latest updates from the world of sports, business, weather, social circles, etc directly to your home screen. Just launch the Cards button or dive on to your left or use swipe gestures, anything will get you straight to the Deep View Cards section. Another amazing feature of the launcher is the Search button. You can search anything from the home screen. Just type whatever you’re looking for or choose from the options. For example, if you want to read news, discover recipes or if you’re looking for a taxi, you don’t have to refer to separate applications. The search button will do all that for you.

Launch puts a very beautiful and mesmerizing experience on your home screen. It stands high on the aesthetic value and the colors are too beautiful to be ignored. Live wallpapers go very well with the theme and overall Launch puts a great show on your home screen. Suddenly there would be a one-second pause before you proceed to the app drawer as you look at the home screen.

So if you want to give a makeover to your phone, Launch by Quixey Launcher is the perfect choice for you. The app is available for free in the App Store and definitely worth your time.

Pros: improves over time; beautiful graphics; high aesthetic value; intuitive gesture controls; deep view cards; search anything from home screen; free.

Cons: none.

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