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There was a time when people used to get excited by emojis.They have now lived their life. At times, they are just not enough to express our feelings. While they are still in use, the latest trend is for GIFs. The good thing about a GIF is that it provides video-like animations, while maintaining their size around that of images. They are more like a hybrid between videos and images. The main issue is creating one is not very easy at present. This is where the iOS app Giffage comes into the picture as a saviour.


The best part about this app is that you can access it directly via your main keyboard. Any time you wish to insert a GIF into a conversation, you just have to tap the language button on your keyboard. Before this, you will have to visit the main app and set everything up. Through the app, you can look up for your favourite animations, browse random ones, view the trending ones and access your favourite ones. If you like a particular GIF, you just have to long-tap on it and it will be saved to your favourite ones. These can be easily added to your chats.


While there are other keyboards that use GIFs, none of them do it as well as this one. The developers have looked into every tiny detail when it comes to design and implementation both. The other aspect that makes this app stand out is that it has been powered by Giphy- the largest GIF repository on the internet. This translates to having thousands of GIFs at your disposal.


Everything about this app is perfected to completion. The design and user interface look neat and sleek. Also, they are easy to use and very intuitive. Navigation is simple- so much so that it does not feel like a new app even when used for the first time. The layout is such that it never feels cluttered or congested. To add to the ease of use, the app does not lag even if you view multiple GIFs at the same time. The bright and cheerful colors make you want to visit the app more often than you can imagine. Keeping too many GIFs open may drain out your battery.

The app comes with four different sections. The first section is ‘Search’ where you can find a specific GIF as per your requirement. The second one is ‘Random’. This section is the one you visit when you want to stumble upon random ones. The third section is the ‘Trending’ section where the most viewed GIFs are updated in real time. The last section is the ‘Hearted’ section where you can access all your favourite GIFs. To navigate between sections, you merely have to swipe up or down and release over the section you wish to view. The transitions are smooth and fluid.

The biggest surprise is- Giffage is available Free of cost! You can now access all the GIFs you will ever need from your keyboard. All you need is an iOS device with iOS 8.0 or later and a feeling to express.

Good: Intuitive, large repository

Bad: Can drain out the battery if multiple GIFs are opened simultaneously

Worth Having App – Download the App

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