DodgeBawl Online- Prove your skills in dodge ball online

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Dodge Ball is one of the most fun and exciting games that you would have played in your childhood. However, as we all grow up and get busy with our work and lifestyle, we are unable to find the time for such games these days. What if we told you that you could play this game on your Android smart phone from anywhere you like at any time you like? This is exactly what the Android app DodgeBawl Online implements.


App developers BreakTheRules have developed an app where you can enjoy the game of dodge ball on your smartphone. The main twist is that this game has been set in the background of a supernatural universe. This universe has a huge variety of exciting and interesting characters to explore. In total, there are 8 unique characters, each with special powers unique to them.

In order to ensure that you do not get so engaged in your phone that you forget about those around you, this game also comes with a multi-player option. You have to find Dodgers around you and form teams to play. You can play up to 6 people at a time in the form of 2 teams of 3 each. Engage everyone from your family to friends to even pets in this exciting and sportive game along with you.


Another aspect of this game that gives it a unique edge is that it is real-time. You can challenge Dodgers across the world and compete with them online. There is no lag in the sync between the gameplay of both players. The aim is to prove your skills in dodge ball by pitching yourself against thousands of others players online. It is your chance to prove your mettle.

To keep things simple, the game implementation and controls are very basic and user friendly. You have to dodge, anticipate the moves of your opponents and then shoot. This sequence is carried on until one of the teams wins. The game has multi-touch controls that ensure ease of play.


There are 3 gaming modes. The first one is an online battle where you join a team online and compete with Dodgers across the globe. The second mode is a private mode wherein you form a private team and play with people you know. In this one, you select the mode and invite friends to join in your team. The third mode is the practice mode which will help you hone your skills in the game. Based on your skills and fun levels, you can pick any mode you like.

The graphics are quite splendid. The universe is made of bright and exciting colors that will bring you to life. The characters have a comic touch to them. If you watch a lot of comics, a few characters in the game may remind you of characters from other comics. There is peppy and punchy background music that set the mood and the rhythm for the game. The wild rhythm and ambience prepare you mentally for the challenge that awaits you. If you enjoy dodge ball, this is one app you have to try out.

Good: Simple controls

Bad: None

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