Commander One : FTP Client for Mac Users

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Commander One FTP Client for Mac users seems to solve the one issue that most Mac users have dealt with for years. This is a step in the right direction for any Mac user who needs a good FTP client. This new dual-paned file manager seems to be the best of the best for Mac OS users. It allows front end management, and easier file manipulation. All the classic functions are present, with added functions that will help the user with FTP management.


The Commander One app is amazing and a much needed tool for serious Mac users. This app promises to save time when it is used as an FTP client. The ability to drag and drop files from one pane to another is handy, and takes the annoying window adjustments out of the equation. The Commander One has been written in the new development language, Swift, which should make Mac IT individuals very happy.


There are three views to choose from in Commander One app from Eltima. They are Full, Brief, and Thumbs. Having the option to view files makes the user more empowered to control his or her experience. There is also a toggle switch that allows you to hide or see the invisible files that are normally tucked away neatly so they can’t be messed with by the novice.

Commander One FTP client allows the user to customize their experience, using the Preferences menu. The user can also set up hot keys, which is handy for those who work on their Mac frequently. The FTP function is only available through the Pro version. It allows the user to mount MTP and iOS devices, as well as the user can compress or extract files, such as RAR and TGZ, just to name a few. The user can also mount Dropbox, which is very handy. Commander One Pro also allows the user to customize his or her app with colorful themes and share Dropbox links. The amazing thing about this is that once you connect to your FTP server, managing file transfers is as easy as changing them from one folder to another. The only thing holding the user back is the internet connection. Commander One Pro FTP manager integrates with the Dropbox seamlessly.


All of the Commander One Pro FTP manager documentation is online and fully describes each feature as much as it can. Eltima will always improve this application, and its features, to the Commander One Pro, making this one app that the professional will want to use over and over. The Pro version is affordable at $29.95 and with more additions and upgrades coming, Commander One Pro FTP client will be a must for Mac users.

Commander One Pro FTP manager is jam packed with shortcuts for working without the computer mouse, if you need to. In addition to iOS and MTP devices, Commander One Pro FTP client also talks with Bonjour computers very well.

Commander One Pro FTP client is a welcome tool for Mac users who need a powerful way to transfer files.

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