Leo Privacy Guard- Lock&Boost: Many powerful apps in a single app

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There are so many apps in the Google Play Store for Android today for all sorts of functions. While some do what they do well, others do not. The problem with having lots of apps on your phone is that it takes up a lot of memory space and may slow down your phone. You should try out ‘Leo Privacy Guard- Lock&Boost’, an app that combines a number of apps into a single one and does each function well too. This app mainly deals with user security and satisfaction.


When you download the app and install it, you will be first asked to set up a security pattern and an alternative security question. Making the security pattern visible or invisible is solely your choice and can be toggled through the app. This app comes with two different modes of view- Guest Mode and Home Mode. The default mode is Guest mode, where no apps are locked. Users are also given the flexibility of creating their own custom modes. In each mode, you can pick which apps you wish to lock.


In addition to this security feature, Leo Privacy Guard- Lock&Boost also has a My Apps section that deals with app management. Here, you can backup apps, handle your data plan, manage your battery and also view shortcuts to your apps. To go this section, users have to just swipe the screen. You can select which applications to back up and do the same via this app. Also, you can set the location where you would like to back up your data or go ahead with a pre-selected location. You can check the usage of your data plan and battery and monitor it from within the app. All other apps can be accessed through the shortcuts in this app.


To make your smart phone experience easier for you, this app also allows you to uninstall apps from within this app. Tight protection is implemented in this app via a number of other small features. You can hide images, videos, SMS and call logs. You do not need another application just to hide your data. If anyone tries to break into your phone, this app helps you find the intruder by taking a photo of him and alerting you. Also, this app detects and allows you to block harmful messages that could cause damage to your device. It regularly scans your phone and provides you with security solutions like all other security apps.

The best part of this app is that it is available for free download from the Google Play Store. All you need is an Android device with Android 4.0 or any higher versions. Once you have installed Leo Privacy Guard- Lock&Boost, you no longer have to worry about anyone sneaking into or snooping into your phone. It gives you peace of mind by taking care of all your worries about the data on your phone. It is a one-stop solution for all your security issues, combining many powerful and necessary apps into a single one.

Good: Custom modes, break-in alert

Bad: None

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