Tank Hunters: The best action packed game on Appstore!

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I’m OBSESSED with Tank hunters, It’s incredible and a true example of an action filled game like none other! It is very useful in spare time and is very addictive as well, It’s like being a virtual transformers movie filled with adventure and action. Tank hunters only takes 54.8 MB of space which is amazing because it doesn’t hog the iPhone memory and the graphics are amazing, I love all the 24 tanks and the classification of junior and PRO tanks make, it even more interesting and worth playing it for an extended amount of time. You can even receive rewards by inviting you friends to play, You get 100 crystals per friend invitation which is amazing! The controls on the app are so easy and practical which makes playing a breeze.


The option to chat with other players is even more interesting because it keeps the game going and allows the energy of action to flow continuously. Action! Activity! What more could you want? Military profession from Recruit to General of the Army is incredibly worth it! 6 junior and 18 capable PRO tanks (3 levels for every sort of tank) to browse makes it extremely diverse and fantastic. 4 fantastic diversion modes keeps the game upbeat and interesting to play the DeathMatch,8 player Free-for-All mode is what i love the most!- 4 versus 4 group fights Catch the Flag is also one of the interesting features of the game Capture the adversaries hail and get it to your side without being demolished!Control Points is a must to gain, Capture and guard different control focuses on the maps. 8 appealing animated style front linesIntuitive client interface is a very beneficial feature and a factor of this app which makes it different from all the other action-packed games out there.what’s more, significantly more to come I’m sure!


The action game is a computer game the kind that accentuates physical difficulties, including hand–eye coordination and response time. The class incorporates assorted subgenres, for example, battling diversions, shooter recreations and stage amusements which are generally viewed as the most critical action game, however some continuous methodology amusements are additionally thought to be action games.

In an activity amusement, the player commonly controls the symbol of a hero. The symbol must explore a level, gathering items, maintaining a strategic distance from obstructions, and doing combating foes with different assaults. Toward the end of a level or gathering of levels, the player should regularly crush a substantial supervisor foe that is bigger and more difficult than different adversaries. Adversary assaults and obstructions drain the symbol’s wellbeing and lives, and the amusement is over when the player comes up short on lives. On the other hand, the player wins by completing a grouping of levels. In any case, some activity diversions, for the most part arcade recreations, are superb and have an uncertain number of levels; and the player’s just objective is to augment their score by gathering questions and crushing adversaries Players advance through an activity diversion by finishing a progression of levels. Levels are regularly gathered by subject, with comparative design and adversaries.

th3Every level includes an assortment of difficulties, whether moving in a move amusement or shooting things in a shooter, which the player must overcome to win. More seasoned diversions power players to restart a level subsequent to kicking the bucket, despite the fact that activity recreations advanced to offer spared amusements and checkpoints to permit the player to restart halfway through a level. Progressively, however, a few recreations take into account “revival” or “cloning” and the chance to recover lost things upon death for a sure total of ingame cash, commonly expanding exponentially the more times the player bites the dust. The deterrents and foes in a level don’t for the most part fluctuate between play sessions, permitting players to learn by experimentation. On the other hand, levels now and again include a component of irregularity, for example, an adversary that haphazardly shows up or that takes an unusual way. and all of this is covered by Tank hunters! All in all i would give this app 5 stars! The best action packed game on the Appstore.

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