Insyda : Way to Know Convenient Time to Call

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Insyda app is a powerful application that gives you the opportunity to instantly share your location, the activity you are doing and other useful information with your friends and colleagues. Many applications have been designed that are aimed at sharing information or photos but none of them gives an interactive experience as Insyda. The game comes with quality graphics and a clear user interface.


Sometimes it’s hard to determine if the person you need to give a phone call is busy or wherever it is a convenient time for them to talk . This is always the beginning of every conversion. Insyda comes in handy to solve this problem as it gives you the exact place your friend is thereby assisting you to make an exact timing to make a phone call. Communication to your friends and colleagues is therefore simplified and made efficient by this application.


Insyda allows people to know whether their friends are available for them to conveniently connect for a voice dialogue before they call them. In addition, this application has amazing features that help the customer to interact with it without any difficulties. The agent feature gives the appropriate time to communicate with other people when it is suitable for both parties. If the person you need to contact is currently busy, you can put a trigger to get a notification when they will be available. There is no need of sending a message to voice mail since the notification serves as a better option.

This application also has a messenger that offers you the chance to send a secure, free and instant message instead of calling the other party. Users of this application are assured of maximum security since it uses encrypted communication channels to ensure only those you allow to see your shared information can are the ones who can access it.


You can instantly notify your friend that you need to talk to them then proceed to making the call. This notification is often send inform of a ring and a flashlight to your recipient. According to how busy your friend is, they can give you a go ahead for notify you when you call them. Also, according to your surroundings and circumstances you can update your status and all your friends can see the same.

The application also gives you the chance to create your rules. You can be more or less available to various contacts in your list depending on where you are or what you are doing. This feature gives maximum utilization of your phone’s ability.


  • Easy to download and install.
  • Comes with a nice user interface
  • It is offered for free
  • Gives instant notifications and message texting


  • Consumes extra battery power.


Insyda is without a doubt the app that every iOS device operator should have with them. All you need to do is visit the app store, download and install this amazing app. You are guaranteed of safe and convenient communication with your friends. If you need to have a whole new experience in sharing your status and having effective communication with your friends Insyda is the application to have.

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