Create Speech-Special Educator: A handy app for special educators

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The key to success is organising yourself and having clear cut plans and goals. This is especially important for teachers as they will affect the whole life of their students. While this is easier in general education, it is almost a necessity in special education. Each and every session is of utmost importance and must be made the most of. It is necessary to set a goal for every session and work towards it. This will help you accomplish your long term goals and plans. It is all about taking baby steps at a time. The iOS app Create Speech-Special Educator is here to help you accomplish success.


This app is the brain child og speech pathologists, special educators and general educators. It has been designed to help speech therapists make the maximum use of their speech therapy sessions. This has been done by tracking their student’s progress even post the session. This tracking is done in real time and the data is made available to the educator on their iOS device. Essentially, this app will help the student improve their quality of speech tremendously.


You get started with creating long term goals and session objectives for your student. Anything that you work on will be saved automatically for you. If you are out of ideas, you could take the help of the app and use the list of goals and ideas it provides. It enables you to screen the progress of your student informally. Screening is not restricted only to school but is also extended to their daily schedule. This way, the screening can be done in a variety of environments and under a variety of circumstances.


There are 3 simple steps to the app- set goals, track progress and analyse the data. Create Speech is essentially a practical implementation of ‘Therapy Road Map’. It will help you narrow down your focus and achieve your goals. The app is accurate in the determination of the progress of the student, helping you make real time decisions regarding your speech therapy. It also keeps in mind that each student is different and must be handled uniquely. To implement this, it provides various levels of differentiation.

If you are a first time user of the app, you do not have to worry about finding your way about it. There are a set of elaborate video tutorials to guide you at every step in the process. The app itself is very easy to use and intuitive in design. It restricts access to authorized persona only by incorporating a user name and password. Thus, all data is safe and secure.

All the data from the progress tracking is made available to you in real time. This data is presented in high resolution in formats that are easy to view and analyse both. If you are a speech therapist who needs some help keeping track of your student’s progress, you must visit the App Store and download Create Speech-Special Educator. It is free of cost, requires iOS 8.0 and has a lot to offer for special education.

Good: High resolution data

Bad: None

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