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Mobile phone technology is the most evolving industry today, example is the apple industry, the manufacture of iphone apple inc , the industry has made its brand name known all over the world by its mobile application development, for example an application by the name dart board voice mail evolved has enabled people to engage in a genuine , fun and faster conversation .Here are some of this application features.


Optional filter: with this application one is able to have fun when using it, not only that, one can also have a clear and good conversation with the one they are communicating with, one thing to note is that the application has a filter option, with this filter option, it will help one to record their voice and then send their message

Listen and dart back: the application can be used both ways in the sense that it’ s easier for one to listen with whoever they are communicating with and be able to reply, which is a good thing because it creates a two way communication between the sender and the receiver, thus enhancing communication between them

Voice filter :This application also helps one to customize on their sound, for which it is possible because there are voice filters within it, which allows anyone to customize his or her sounds , in addition there are various options that are available in this application, for voice filtering for example there is hunk ,Borg invader and helium


A user friendly platform: Another thing about the application is that, it has a user friendly interface, thus by using this platform one can easily understand and use the application and as a result it will enable one to use it without any difficulty

Quick reply: using the application, can help one to provide a quick reply to the ones they are talking to, for example communicating with someone will make a person’s message be transmitted faster and at the same time be able to receive their feedback, thus enhancing good communication between a sender and the receiver

Interactive: The application can also make a person become more interactive, this can happen when a person is communicating or conversing with the other, for example they might be friends or relatives, not only that one can also send a dart to oneself as a reminder and all this is due to the fact that the application can enable one to send quick note and even messages



  • Interactive: the application is much more interactive than a voice mail
  • Faster: This application is also faster than a phone call
  • Text message: contrary to a text message, using the application will enable one to have a private chat


Compatibility: One thing with dart board voice mail application, is that it can only be used with an iphone  in conclusion from the above features of dart board voice mail evolved ,an apple application it shows that , using it will enable person to communicate more efficiently and be able to have fun using it

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