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Word puzzles are no longer just in newspapers, they are in our phones and tablets now! “Word Puzzles For Fun” is simply what it says it is, a fun game of word puzzles! Many times people find themselves sitting in a coffee shop or airport and are just wanting to pass the time. How many times have you just randomly pressed buttons on your phone to waste time or are aimlessly checking social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for new posts, refreshing your feed every couple of seconds searching for new content? This game is the perfect solution for that situation.


Upon opening the app, you are greeted with a music that has the sense of mystery. If you do not like this music you can simply mute it, but I personally love it and it actually encourages me to play the game better! Under the “packages” tab, there is a set of 50 puzzles for one to solve. Each puzzles is about a different subject. For example, a computer parts puzzle will contain words to find like “Microprocessor” or “Speakers”. When opening a puzzle, a timer starts and you see a random mixture of letters with words below them, but within those letters are those very same words and you just have to trace, with your finger, the words and “highlight” them to get the score.


Once you find all the words, you are given a rating out of 5 according to how long it took you to find those words. Coins are a currency in the game you can use to help you out, you start off with 800 coins and it costs 300 coins to reveal all the words in a puzzle, 8 coins to remove some unnecessary characters to make things clearer, and 50 coins to reveal the first letter of a randomly chosen words. If you ever run out of coins, you can always by in-game coins for real world money. The game also has achievements you can unlock, the more achievements the higher your in-game level becomes. At low levels, completing a certain amount of puzzles or completing puzzles in a certain amount of time is sufficient to move you on to the next level. However, achievements get harder as your level gets higher.


– Great game to pass the time when waiting for someone at some place or just generally waiting for something – Research has shown that solving word puzzles daily improves your verbal skills – A great way to practice problem solving.


– You may become too addicted to the game and set it as a priority over your daily tasks, remember that moderation is key – The game only has one package of 50 puzzles for now, an additional package can be unlocked but it only has 2 puzzles. The developers need to make more puzzles for us to solve.

In conclusion, whether you are waiting for friends somewhere or just wanting to pass the time when you are bored, this game is the perfect game for you. What better way to pass the time then solve word puzzles that can improve your problem solving abilities and verbal skills.

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