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In this digital age, nothing we do is private anymore. Almost anything we do online can be traced back to us. There are some tools to try and make our browsing and activities private, like the private browsing features most web browsers provide these days, but these do not give us complete privacy. One way to increase our chances of getting away undetected is by using a VPN – a Virtual Private Network. To keep it simple, a VPN hides your true IP address and masks it behind some other IP address. This makes it harder to trace back your activities to your actual IP address. This also allows you to access some content which might be blocked for your original IP address, by using a VPN to use an IP address which can access this content. This is where Hide My IP comes into play. As its name suggests, it helps to hide your true IP address behind a different one using a VPN. And this, it does in just a few clicks!


Some people think setting up a VPN and hiding your true IP address is a daunting task. However, with this application, it couldn’t get easier! Just a few clicks and you are set. You just select the required VPN location, and then connect to it. That’s it! That’s how easy Hide My IP makes the whole process.


Hide My IP has seen some success with its applications for Windows and Mac systems. And now, this application has brought the ease of setting up a VPN to the Android platform, with its android app. This app is what many Android users have been waiting for- a quick and easy way to setup a VPN on an Android device.

When you use this app, you must be aware of the fact that you are effectively funnelling all your traffic through another person’s servers. The good part is that it uses OpenVPN so you do not have to be too worried. The app offers over 90 different locations to choose from, although a few may be unavailable. It would be nice to have to marker to indicate which locations are available. You also have the option of changing to either TDP or UDP and vice versa. Another good news is that while it actually changes your IP, there is no change in your browsing speed while uploading or downloading files.


All said and done, Hide My IP does an excellent job. It not only provides a complete VPN solution but also runs on OpenVPN, which adds trust and approachability to the equation. It is easy to use and works quite efficiently. The app developers offer a free trial for 7 days. If you like the app, you can pay a one-time fee to continue. You do not have to renew your subscription regularly. There is a premium service available for $7 per month or a one-time payment of $84.95. This allows different IP locations, prevents third party monitoring and allows you faster speeds.

Good: Uses OpenVPN

Bad: Some locations are unavailable

Worth Having App – Download the App

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