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Castle Breakout – Escape is a game developed by Cloudburst Room Escape Inc for iOS & Android. This is an escape genre game with 3d photo realistic visuals & sound.

For those who are new to the Escape Genre games, these are games which usually require the player to go through the different objects in the room, interact with them and find a solution from the various puzzles to move to the next room.


Castle Breakout – Escape is set in a castle of medieval times and starts with a photo story where the Head of Security brings his friend Rex to the castle to test the new security system set up there.

The objectives of the game are explained to us in the photo story which is:

a) Solve the puzzles in each of the rooms in the castle to over come the security system and move to the next room.

b) Test the safety of the new security system being set up in the castle.



Similar to any Escape Genre game, the gameplay involves interacting with the various objects in the room to find the right combination of items which will help us to create new items which in turn will help us open the door to the next room.

The game has many mini puzzles as part of the gameplay which usually comes with a clue for us to solve, like a chart showing the different color combinations required to create new chemicals to open the door.

The difference in Castle Breakout compared to the other games in the genre is that the 3D graphics are very real to look at and unlike other games, there are scenes in the game with moving graphics like dogs wagging their tails, curtains blowing in the wind, etc.

The complexity of the puzzles starts to increase gradually as we proceed through the different rooms and gives a very immersive game play experience to us.


The player gains stars after finishing each room and these stars can be exchanged for getting hints when we are stuck at some point with no clue on how to proceed.

The in game menu gives the player options such as volume control, resetting the game and also includes a How To Play – Tutorial.


a) 3D Photo Realistic Graphics.
b) Immersive game play with very good puzzles.
c) Very good background music composed by John Sayles.
d) Very long and interesting storyline giving us many hours of game play.
e) Easy to access menus.
f) Free for download.


a) Only the first 8 levels are accessible initially and if we want to directly jump to the 9th level, we will have to pay for it to be unlocked.
b) As you proceed further, the complexity increases which will result in us making in app purchase for stars to exchange for hints.

Overall, Castle Breakout is a very good Escape Genre game with very immersive game play which can keep us occupied for more than 200 hours with its long story line. The good thing about the game is that it is free for download but has in app purchases starting from 1$.

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