Suti- Virtual Pet Game: The perfect companion for your child

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Every family needs a cute and cuddly pet that they can spend their time with once in a while. As your child grows, he needs to learn to love and care. At the same time, he needs to explore his own personal tastes by spending time with a pet that he can pamper. There’s nothing like the relationship between a child and a pet. At the same time, a pet is something the entire family can enjoy. If you are looking for a pet but can’t afford one, you should try out the iOS app ‘Suti – Virtual Pet Game’.


Suti is an iOS app that gives you all the benefits of having a pet without actually having one. Handling a child and a pet can get quite tedious. At the same time, every child needs a pet companion. Suti gives you the best of both. Suti is for children who wish to have an adorable and cute pet that they can spend time with. Get all the fun and excitement of a pet without all the hassles or troubles.


Suti comes with superb and fantastic animations and graphics that will keep your child hooked for hours on end. They can change every part of their pet as per their own tastes and pamper it all they want. Users get started with giving their pet a place and date of birth. Following that, they give a name of their choice to their dear pet. They can then pick a color, add a moustache if they like and add wings or flippers. After this, they can design all the rooms in its house, pick clothes for it to wear and much more.

At the same time, taking care of the health and well-being of their pet is also the responsibility of your child. They must feed Suti with meats, drinks, fruits and veggies from time to time. they can get it sweets like green tea ice cream or apple pie once in a while too. users have to buy her toys and items and keep her happy. This way, your child will learn the value of eating healthy food and explore his own tastes as well.


Suti also has a lot of fun to keep your child engaged. Suti has a game room where your child can play all they want with their virtual pet. There are over ten different games to play with. Children can improve color vision with the Color Challenge or enjoy with Flappy Suti as well. They can also customise the look and feel of the app and meddle with customising their pet and everything around it. At the end of the day, when your pet is tired, you can put it to sleep and turn off the lights.

Suti is an app that has been perfectly designed for growing kids who wish to explore their creative side and long for a companion who they can spend time playing with. The app can be downloaded from the App Store for free and enjoyed by the whole family.

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