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Good sleep and relaxation is a quintessential requirement for the health of every being. A body well rested can work at maximum potential. Sleep can do a lot of wonders for the human body and mind. With the increasing work pressure, busy and sedentary lifestyle, as well as the loud and perpetual hustle bustle of the city life, catching some good sleep is not all that easy any more. Thanks to the Android app Whist – Sleep Sound Designer, it is a lot easier to get some sound sleep and enhance the resting period of people.


Today, we rely on our smart phones for almost everything. They have replaced our cameras, radios, music players, alarm clocks and so much more. Little would one have thought that the same smart phones can be used to ensure good sleep and rest to people.Whist – Sleep Sound Designer works on the very basic principle that the usage of neutral sounds can help the mind relax and get better sleep. Developed by Sensimetrics Corporation, this app is not like any other apps that play pre-recorded sounds in loop with a timer. This one is much more special and unique.


With this Android app, the user is in complete control of the music that they would like to hear. Using this app, it is possible to create sounds that vary in terms of pitch and rhythm so as to fit within a range of moods and situations. Users can create sounds that can be used for a variety of relaxing activitie such as taking a stroll, meditating, studying and sleeping. As and when you listen to this music, you can revisit it and edit it to suit your moods. The main idea is to let the users create their own personalised sound library that has been hand-picked and blended with soothing sounds by them.


The app comes with a user interface that is indeed a delight to use. It has been beautifully designed and has a soothing touch too. at the same time, it is easy and intuitive to use. Users can create their own personal sounds via controls. Like all other apps, there is an alarm function and a sleep-timer function too. The clock with the alarm makes up for a bedside alarm clock. At the same time, the timer lets you play the sound for only as long as you want. The settings you make are all saved so that you always have the right sound at any moment. With all of this, Whist – Sleep Sound Designer will serve you as a perfect bedside companion app.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It requires Androd 4.1 or higher versions. If you are looking for a way to relax- be it at home, in office, in a hotel room or while travelling, this app is just what you need. It will help you block out all the stress and distractions and help you focus and concentrate on what is important in your life at all times.

Good: Easy to create custom sounds

Bad: None

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