Zeus the Thunderer Greek God Casino: Addiction and perfection redefined

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There are too many general casino apps today in the App Store. Some of them barely qualify as fun ones owing to bad graphics and too less variety in the slot machines. If you are bored of trying out these kind of apps and are looking for something that sets a new standard for casino apps, you must try out the iOS app ‘Zeus the Thunderer Greek God Casino’. This is a unique app that is here to redefine the way we play and see casino games on our mobile devices.


Zeus the Thunderer Greek God Casino, developed by Apps Genie Ltd. is an app that will have you break the bonds of boredom and predictability and enter a world of challenge, fun, thrill and excitement. You can finally get what you have been looking for in a casino app. the game has been inspired by the style of slot machines in Las Vegas with 20 payline slots and 5 reels each. What sets them apart is the traditional Greek themes that have been designed with intricate detail and excellent skills. This, coupled with the impeccable animations and the brilliant sound effects, makes this game stand out among the others in its niche.


Each player sets out in the beginning with 1000 credits and then gets working on the slot machines to multiply this amount or lose it completely. It’s a lot to put on stake- which in turn multiplies the excitement as many times for users. There are a number of exciting features such as bonus rounds, free spins and special challenges to keep you going and addicted to the game. One of the interesting challenges is the ‘Double or Nothing’. As the name suggests, you either lose everything or win twice as much. With challenges like these, the app keeps you hooked for longer than you can imagine. There is a Leader board for players to compete with others and know where they stand.

The HD quality graphics of the app are definitely worth a mention. They are phenomenal indeed with the bright colors, hand drawn illustrations and rich attention to detail. Apps Genie Ltd. has indeed set the bar very high for any competing apps in the niche. All the graphics have been inspired by a variety of Greek mythology and the theme is consistently perfect.


One of the features of this app that really gives it an edge over others is that users do not require an internet connection to play the game. They can basically play this game at any and all times and in any place of their choice. If you are travelling by train or bus or taking a short break from work or study, this app is the ideal way to get your mind off of things and distract yourself. Once you do get started with the game, the major problem is that you are bound to get highly addicted in no time at all. You will be unable to put your iOS device down easily.

Good: No internet connection required

Bad: Highly addictive

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