Bubble Jungle Pro: A new standard for 3D platformer games

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Are you a fan of 3D platformer games? Have you been waiting for one that lives up to the mark and brings out the essence of the genre? If yes, you must check out the iOS app Bubble Jungle Pro. This one will not disappoint you at any cost. Developed by Cranky Monkey Studio, Bubble Jungle Pro is a 3D platformer game that will keep you hooked for hours on end and change the way you look at the genre.


Bubble Jungle Pro is a cute and exciting game where you play the part of Chuck the chameleon. You shoot bubbles, trap enemies, overcome obstacles and much more during the course of the game. This joyful and colourful character will take you through 58 colourful levels that are set in 9 different worlds that are outlandish and absurd in all possible ways. The fun of filling bubbles and engaging in bubble clashes is topped with challenging bosses at the end of each level. Your main task is to guide Chuck through each level in the game. There are arrows to guide you through each level and ensure that Chuck reaches his destination.


Each level is filled with several funny and exciting monsters. You can imprison them in your bubbles and then destroy them by bursting the bubble. The number of bubbles given to you is limited- so you might want to use them wisely and carefully. There are also various obstacles in the form of boxes scattered around each level for you to dodge. The 3D scenes are indeed noteworthy and stand out as the best among those currently available. The environments and story in each level are extensive, well detailed and creative. The graphics are superb and set a whole new standard for the genre.

The game controls are convenient and easy to pick up. There is a map on the left side of the screen. You simply have to tap on it and drag the character across. On the right side of the scree, there are two buttons- one to jump and the other to shoot bubbles. These simple controls make the game all the more challenging, fun and addictive. It promises 15 hours of gameplay that is filled with excitement, thrill and fun.


You can play the game alone or take or choose to play with friends in the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows you up to four players and is available only in the Pro version. This app can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99. It requires iOS 9.0 or later versions. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and the iPhone.

If you are looking for a fun and challenging 3D platformer game that will blow your mind away and keep you addicted for long, you must try out Bubble Jungle Pro. This one promises a lot of things and lives up to each one of them. The graphics and 3D scenes are top notch. This is one game that is totally worth the price indeed.

Good: Superb graphics, simple controls

Bad: None

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