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Based on my analysis of the CCO companion app after downloading and using it, I believe that this is one of the several best apps for iTunes. This is because it provides a combination of critical information and data that makes the mobile looks amazing. It has a reference library that provides unique and provides all regulatory and compliance information. Using the app, the user can effectively search for resources in the library data base. Furthermore, the app also includes news alert tools and this is important towards the promotion of information compliance systems. The users of the app are able to use direct feedback mechanisms in order to acquire and view regulatory compliance information.


The CCO companion also provides the user with full access to a number of professional compliance including monthly compliance training features, risk assessment devices as well as compliance checklist and other compliance models for testing data and documents. Those who have the app can easily import and organize their firm information and this will promote data compliance and professionalism in the firm.


There are several benefits of having and using the CCO compliance app. For example, the app is organized based on more than fifteen features that deal mainly with compliance regulatory services. The app also includes and provides access to information from some of the best compliance data base and sources in the society. Some of the best compliance data resources in the CCO Companion include the SEC releases, enforcement actions, speeches as well as compliance risks alerts and non-action letters.

Moreover, every document in the app is first reviewed by a competent and professional compliance and then assessed and reviewed based on their relevance to the user. In that sense, only documents that are deemed to be relevant are added to the reference library resource. Based on the utility of the app, I believe and support the view that the app provides high levels of utility including risk identification procedures and questions, tests for compliance as well as the lists of potential compliance risk. The app is also important towards promoting the major data compliance requirements since it covers and includes compliance training tools. One of the disadvantage of the app is that it is expensive to purchase and it involves several documents that may confuse the user.


However, it contains other examination readiness documents including the SEC documents that allow the user to request letters from different regions. Some of the major examinations types included in the app are general, sweep as well as presence tools that are essential towards the provision of SEC examination platforms. High levels of customization are also part of the app and this allows the users to import their own compliance documents and use in their digital tools.

Therefore, it is true and evident that CCO companion app is one of the several apps that can be used towards promoting advertising and marketing compliance activities. It provides the users with access to RSS feed, compliance checklist and other compliance training systems. Through using the app, users can effectively perform key word search in the regulatory data base and find relevant compliance data. Users can bookmark their favorite documents and open other apps such as email using the CCO Companion tool.

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