Mini Roco : fun-filled adventure platform game

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Mini Roco is a fun-filled adventure platformer game that has been launched recently for all 3 platforms: iOS, Windows and Android. This game has an innovative game play and beautiful graphics. Get ready to conquer the world with Mini Roco. The game allows you to get on a very beautiful landscape with a wide range of elements such as windmills, spikes, fences and lava that will surely sharpen your mind as you aid Roco to reach the finish line. roco1 Simple Gameplay The first few levels of this game are easy and difficulty rises with every level. The controls are also flawless with just 3 buttons: right, left and jump. The game achievements are quite satisfying and they also provide greater rewards. As the player progresses, the balloons become your best friends and they will help you in the smooth jumping. The main job is collecting as much grass as you can while also saving yourself from lava and spikes. You will also work hard so as to help Roco reach the finish line via the tricky tracks that are found on the way. The gameplay is very addictive and strategic at the same time. roco2 Smooth Controls Thankfully, the game controls have been designed to do their job perfectly. When playing this game, you’ll feel like you’ve complete controls over Roco movements and fluffed the jumps. It is not just about speed because there is grass to collect and balloons to get. The game will let you have a very great time without frustrations at any time. Gorgeous Graphics Graphics is one area which you’re sure to like about Mini Roco. The game’s background is incredibly vivid and bright. The graphics have also been designed to use the touch displays of the iPhone and iPad. It offers you with a highly addictive and immersive gaming experience. The game performance is absolutely perfect on most devices. Ease of Use Using a very addictive interface that’s gorgeously illustrated, this game certainly stands out from the applications store pack with its unique features. While it’s a relatively easy to grasp game, the challenge mainly lies in completing many levels as you could. The game has large areas to be explored and more intense platform challenges to conquer. You’ll run/roll, balance, climb, jump and bounce so as to go forward and then earn the best scores for every level. The perfect blend of fun and adventure will delight you at each and every phase. roco3 Awesome Sounds Mini Roco might just be the most satisfying game that you will ever play. Another interesting part of the game is the fact that you will get as many chances as you wish and it normally starts where you had left off. Unlike the other games, you do not have to wait for a certain time so as to get new lives. You’ll find yourself getting immersed in the game and the continuous carving for you to go forward will keep you entertained for several hours. Pros

  • Mini Roco has awesome sounds that will keep you entertained as you play
  • It has unique features that are easy to use
  • Mini Roco has one of the best graphics thus making the gaming experience a memorable one
  • The beautiful landscape offers a great place for adventure as you play the game


  • There are many levels thus new player might end up being discouraged
  • The game might turn out to be too engaging and addictive thus most people might use their valuable time while playing this Mini Roco

Conclusion Mini Roco is a relatively straightforward game that features simple tap controls and a cool landscape. There are lots of reasons for you to love this game like great challenges, gorgeous scenes and fun adventure. In additions, you do not have to drop any money so as to play the game since it offer 24 full levels just for free. The game is just about solving puzzles, dedication, and practice, precision and enjoying the game challenges. Mini Roco is certainly worth your attention and time. Worth Having App – Download the App

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