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Latest news has always been essential in keeping an individual updated with the current trends that are happening all over the world. Thus there has always been great need to get a convenient source that can ease that dissemination process. Interestingly, the Colony FM: Articles and Blogs Narrated by Real People is a great app that has been perfectly designed to give its users different news through narration. This incredible version 1.2.2 app developed by Stealthie, Inc was last updated on 13th March, 2016 to incorporate more additional upgrades. It is absolutely efficient and exhibit great performance.



Having been designed to meet its big user base, this app is available in many languages which include; Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Catalan, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian, English, Simplified Chinese, French, Danish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Malay, Catalan, Bokmal, Czech, Dutch, Korean, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Thai, Indonesian, Hungarian, Finnish, Slovenian and Russian.


Apparently, this app functions seamlessly well on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. In relation to operating system, the app is well compatible with iOS 8.0 or any new version of the operating system. Besides, this app comes along with Apple Watch app that would operate efficiently on the iPhone device.


The Functionality of Colony FM: Articles and Blogs Narrated by Real People

Interestingly, this app works pretty simple. As a user, one will be required to first get the app through downloading for free. The next move will be to chose a playlist or develop a title that meets an individual’s preferences or topic. Once the user has selected a web post, blog or an article, this app enables one to listen to the content which is facilitated by the voice actors. Besides, this incredible app comes with an option where one can either listen to music or even a radio anywhere at any time.

Features for the Colony FM: Articles and Blogs Narrated by Real People

It is clear that this awesome app has come up with interesting features that will meet the demands of its users. They include:

Consistent play

This app offers great content that is of high quality thus the performance is amazing. There are no buffering issues at all as you listen to the content. This seamless integration make this product exceptional and of great use for any reader or listener. Once the content is selected, nothing more is done than just listening.

Great content converter

One will discover that this app is able to change a particular content into a narrative one that can be read out aloud. This is a great feature that can save on time and even make understanding much easier.

Efficient Curated playlists

This is a platform that has been created within this app which contains different playlists and list of topics that one can always refer to. Besides, with the presence of written sources, the user can always have the option to read along too when the content is being presented by voice actors.


Amazing themes

Apparently, this app has incorporated high quality and suggestive themes that are appealing to the user. Actually, the graphic effects appear attractive and its design is incredible. This indeed proves its inarguable quality.

When it comes to pros and cons, here are some of them:


  • Easy to understand and use
  • High quality suggestive themes
  • Great performance-no buffering
  • Large collection of playlist to choose from
  • Customizable- send content to be read out aloud


  • Infrequent in performance after some time
  • May be subjected to mild profanity

Some of the new features incorporated in this new version include:

  • Improvement in its power efficiency
  • Bugs issue has been resolved
  • The surface has been upgraded
  • Performance has been boosted

Final Verdict

In summary, this top rated app (with a rating of 4+) has proven beyond doubt to be efficient and worth downloading. With wide categories of articles being narrated (together with playbacks) through a professional voice, the user will always get the best out of it. Download this app for free (size 24.6MB) today and get an incredible experience!

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