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Time drop is a fun puzzle game that could easily become addictive.Once downloaded, the app will give you simple instructions on how to play and then you are off. There is pleasant background music, which users will find relaxing, but if it’s not to your liking then you can turn it off at the settings menu at the top left of the screen. Each time you reopen the app the colorful loading screen will feature a painter (Jean louis), with his cat (Betsy) next to a rainbow with drops falling from either side.

Each level (marked in a bright yellow circle) clearly tells you how many points you need to complete it. Also, it shows you the number of moves you are allowed. If you exceed the number if moves given then you will need to restart the level again. All of these features in the game are displayed in excellent infographics aswell as your high score and number of buckets collected.

The amount of lives you have is displayed clearly (in the form of a small blue clock) at the top of the screen in the center aswell as your coin counter in the top right. At the top left, you have your settings menu, where you can easily change the sound effects, background music, notifications and view the FAQ of the game. The FAQ can be very useful to new players as it explains the features and extra features really well such as boosters.

There are 3 different types of boosters; the rainbow, hand painting and the scraper. Briefly, the rainbow replaces all drops of a certain color with a different one, the hand painting lets you paint vertical rows with the same color and the scraper can remove 5 random drops at the start of a level. Handy knowledge for beginners.

The gameplay itself is nice and fluent. As you complete a sequence of the same color drops, they will all burst (with sound effects, unless you turn them off) and the next formation of drops will fall into place. As you complete each sequence you will see your score go up on the top right of the screen with your number of moves on the left. When you complete each level a rectangular box will appear saying ‘you won’ in capital letters and will show your final score underneath. If you make your best score in the game this will be shown in the form of a turquoise star next to your score.

As you progress through the levels you will see yourself move up the map and through a timescale. On your route you will begin at the Big Bang (the start of time) and see the age of the dinosaurs, the ancient Egyptians, the Wild West and much more. This keeps it really exciting, especially for younger users.

Overall, this highly addictive puzzle game will give the user entertainment and satisfaction as they solve each puzzle. An excellent puzzle app.

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