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The Old Win Downtown Casino app is pure, classic casino slots. It takes the best of the nostalgic spinning reel slot games and enhances it with an elegant look. As indicated by the title, this game has an old glamour style to it. It will appeal to players who love the slot experience and are seeking a fun and casino game. The overall gaming experience is quite good. The graphics are high quality and tailored to the elegant theme. The quality of the sound effects is excellent. They hit that sweet spot of being energetic and retro-sounding without being obnoxious. It is incredibly satisfying to hear the volume of coins cascade down when a jackpot is awarded and the variations of sirens to alert you to victory! The attention to little details like that really make the player experience better.


Playing the actual game is very intuitive. New players can easily navigate to and from the lobby by tapping the center icon from the home page. Icons are well marked and the player tool bar is very user friendly. This is a free game and all new players start off the game with 2,500 coins. Additional coins are awarded for bets, bonuses, unlocking the fortune spinning wheel, and each time a player unlocks a new level within the game. Coins can also be purchased through the app. The inclusion of the fortune spinning wheel as a mini game is a nice touch to the overall app experience.


While playing slots, players can adjust their bets and lines accordingly and boosts are available to maximize potential winnings. An area for improvement for the game in future versions would be to raise the maximum bet levels and options to provide an additional challenge to players. This is a single player game but there is a leaderboard that can be found by tapping the gear icon in the corner. The addition of a leaderboard adds an extra competitive element among friends and fellow players. Also in that menu is an option to activate AutoSpin. AutoSpin is a good feature for players who are playing while also needing to multitask. It’s simple and can be an excellent way to level up faster but using AutoSpin constantly can also take away from the inherent excitement of the game. All and all, the game is still quite fun to play as it is currently.


The app itself is well constructed with no noticeable issues with freezing or play interruptions. It is important to note that while this is a free game to initially download, it is not an ad-free game and it does have in-app purchases available. Still, the ads are not especially intrusive to play and unlike many other apps, the frequency of ad interruptions is much lower and less noticeable.

Verdict: Old Win Downtown Casino slots is a fun (and free!) app for avid and occasional slot players alike. The elegance of the app design and the unique options available make this app well worth the download.

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