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Staying healthy and fit is quite a tedious task. We all make resolutions and plans but give up in a few days. This happens due to lack of a trainer to push you and motivate you. There is a point in all of our lives when we realize that we badly need exercise. Executing this is where the tough part lies. Finding a trainer that will not rip you off is something rare these days. At the same time, continuing to stay healthy without a trainer is equally tough. If you are in this dilemma, the iOS app Updown Fitness can be your savior.


Updown Fitness is an iOS app that will serve as your personal portable trainer for you. You can carry him anytime you want and anywhere you want. It is loaded with a host of features that sometimes manage to do a better job than an actual physically present trainer. This app will keep you motivated and going as you try to maintain your goal of staying fit. Also, as it is on your iPhone, the chances of you missing it are quite low. With this app, you can personalize the app as per your custom needs when you start out with your exercise and continue to personalize it as you grow fitter. Also, as you continue to exercise and grow more fit, the workouts and programs also evolve with time.


Updown Fitness is available for free download from the App Store. Once you download the app, you have to register. You may choose to do this later as well. Following this, the app will ask you to enter some basic information so as to build your personal profile. This profile is then used to recommend the best options for you. Once you enter some basic data, you will then be taken to the Generate Workout screen, where you can choose from various categories. Pick one and then fill the options that suit you best. You then select the length of the workout, its intensity and where you will be performing it. With this, you are good to do. All you now have to do is follow the steps and complete your workout.


The app has been designed keeping the comfort of users in mind. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The variety of workouts offered is huge indeed. You can fit the workouts as per your daily schedule so that the workouts do not become too tough or impossible to follow. This app works as per your personal requirements. You have the option to try out things as a guest and then make a decision about committing to a workout regime. The main downside is that the app presents a lot of information on the screen at once, making it tough to choose the important data.

All said and done, Updown Fitness is an excellent personal portable trainer. It is just what you need if you know that you need exercise but cannot afford to hire a real trainer for yourself.

Good: Custom workouts

Bad: Too much information displayed at once

Worth Having App – Download the App

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