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It can be a real hassle to get creatives all in the same room and come up with ideas. With the rise of social networking people have be brought together in so many new and innovative ways but there has always been difficulty when really trying to collaborate on ideas with other people.
In a group call or meeting it’s not uncommon for everyone to have different notes and somewhere along the line wires can get crossed and creativity can wane. Introducing an innovative way to bring people together to create, Effective Mind AB have brought us IdeaSwipe.



IdeaSwipe is a powerful, yet simple application that allows users to create, share, review and work on ideas in a live setting.
The interface is smooth and easy to get into. There is a lack of superfluous features and the design is totally intent on focusing the user to the apps function: create ideas and get other people on board.

Inviting friends and perfect strangers is simplified with the addition of an invite button that simply sends an app request to a designated email. Once on, you can pool your invited friends into a live brainstorming session and set any time limitation you want.

The app comes with a suggested time of 30 minutes. This keeps interaction focused and fun which sparks innovation and ideas, keeping the engagement honed to a directed point. Like traditional means of social media interaction, all of the people you want are in the same room, however there’s no distractions and putting the ideas on the page, changing them and offering great criticism is easy as pushing a button.


To spark he imagination IdeaSwipe comes with a handy objective idea generating feature. During a brainstorm, simply shake the phone (or tap the wrench icon) and a Thought Trigger will pop up on the screen.

Thought Triggers are random cards that have a picture and a few words to prompt any lurking, unconscious thought processes to the forefront of your mind. This feature breaks right through idea blocks and can inspire the brainstorm to new heights of innovation.



The user interface is bight, clear and responds with a delightful smoothness.
The slimming down of the powerful yet simple functions aids in productivity of ideas.
It’s very easy to get others into the app, into the brainstorm and into idea generation. Joining other brainstorming sessions is equally as simple.
Thought Triggers are a neat way to generate ideas you thought you weren’t thinking.
Live interaction is a unique way to bring people together for a unified purpose.
All the main features are free!


It’s only limited to Apple iOS.
There is a lack of options to share brainstorming sessions on social media platforms. While the idea of keeping the generated ideas to a private few is great, not being able to share the sessions for review is a minor concession.
While there is a function to track the efforts and compare improvements, there is a lack of ability to track the progress of projects outside of this app.

Final Verdict

IdeaSwipe is a fresh and powerful way to bring creatives together for collaboration. It’s very easy to use, and the dedication to a set function keeps the focus on creating ideas and not the app itself. It would be nice to see some ways of exporting ideas to other platforms, but for getting stuff down, and getting stuff done it’s perfect.

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