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Apparently, amazing photos tend to bring out fabulous and memorable events that occurred recently on in the past. They act as reminiscence images that will not only provide the turn of activities that resulted to their capturing but also provide a future reference that is bound to last. Sometimes it becomes quite consuming going through each and every photo on its own. Ever thought about viewing merged photos in one frame? This will absolutely display and demonstrate easily a related series of events an individual was engaged in. To make this achievable in an instant, Collage+ app has come just right in time.

What is in Collage+ app version 0.9.15

Having been designed by KVADGroup, this amazing app was last updated on 20th May, 2016 and focuses on improving the nature of the photos. In order to make it much captivating, some new features have been incorporated and they include the new romantic style, new theme that appears to be food-related, new kids style and an improved travel college style. This has completely improved its total experience! Besides, this game has adopted great interface features that uniquely identifies it and makes it to be highly rated by reviewers.


Compatible Devices For Collage+ app

This incredible app adopted quality formation standards and design that makes it outstanding. This clearly explains that it can only perform its designed task in the best way using the most efficient compatible devices. The compatible device for this amazing app is Android phone ranging from version 3.0 to any latest one presently available. The operating system of the device should also be strong enough to support the entire output offered.

How Collage+ app works

Actually, this is one of the simplest photography apps that an individual can come across. At first, the user will notice that there are different types of themes that can be applied in order to create a photo collage. Thus what is required is to select a particular theme and combine it with different styling features then proceed to create the photo collage.

Interestingly, Collage+ app allows the photo collage created to be easily saved and stored at the gallery folder within the phone. This amazing experience offered on by Collage+ is indeed worth trying. Get a collection of photos and start creating photo collage right away!


Distinct Features

Below are some of the amazing features that the users of the Collage+ app will experience. Check them out:

Efficient polishing of photos

The user will discover that this amazing app has been integrated efficiently with other type of apps that have been designed by KVADGroup. Why is this important? Apparently, the user is offered an opportunity to improve the appearance of the photo through a different app like Photo Studio. Thus, this highly improves the overall display of the photo collage in a great way!

Apply numerous styles and themes

Ever thought of applying a unique and amazing style that perfectly gives out great satisfaction? Then, Collage+ app has been well designed with a great choice of themes (about 10 of them) and over 70 different styles. Whether it a style for a wedding ceremony or a romantic dinner, everything is perfectly catered for!

Share photos with friends

No one would want to miss that sharing moment that brings out great memories. Actually, this is meant to induce complements, surprises and positive mixed reactions from friends, family members and closely related people. The user of collage app can now post photo collage created on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter among others. Create, share and get comments!


Labels and stickers easily added

What about putting stickers to express different reactions likes smiles, surprises among other? This can add more appealing look to the photo collage. Other stickers added may include different items such as caps, ties, hair and even different form of dressings. Don’t miss such additions to the photo collage.

Save the high quality photo collage

Once the photo collage has been created, the user can decide to directly share it to different social platforms or save it to the photo album or gallery. This can make it easy to further perform different adjustments to the photo collage.

When it comes to the pros and cons, Collage+ app has demonstrated the following critical review:


· Its performance is absolutely amazing

· High quality interface

· Easy to create unique collages

· The design is great (especially themes and styles)

· A great tool for combining quality related photos


· Mild performance due to bugs

· Crashes with time if no updates done

Final Verdict

Clearly stating, Collage+ app is absolutely a high quality app that not only delivers great performance but also gives the user a fascinating moment while using it. Photos presentation is all now in one platform with great adaptation of incredible styling features and themes. This is totally an amazing app for photo lovers who can’t miss that special photo moment. Get it now and start experiencing continuous photo collage experience!

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