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Sometimes, it becomes quite challenging to locate amazing market places where one can go and do some shopping. This is especially if an individual is new to the surrounding environment or could have taken a vacation to a particular city or town. Due to this problem, it might even become hard to get the right products that one might intend to use. This might create an awful experience especially when there is no one to give such required assistance.

Interestingly, there is no need to worry anymore. Mercactivate app from 130 Caracteres Communication has been perfectly designed to offer great assistance when it comes to locating the nearest market locations. Actually, it comes along with the GPS guide that will facilitate easy access to different surrounding markets. Additionally, it has a platform where different users can post their experiences and help other users to make easy evaluations.


Why Get Mercactivate App

With a top-rating of 4.4 stars from the honest reviews, this clearly implies that this updated version 1.1.1 of Mercactivate app is highly efficient and provides great satisfaction to its users. Currently, this great app is available in English and Spanish language that users can perfectly interact using them.

Besides giving the user an easy way to locate different markets, Mercactivate app also offers a platform where an individual can search and book different products that they intend to purchase. This process is facilitated efficiently in a way that the user ends up getting a one-on-one phone communication from the reliable provider. This occurs after being linked by Mercactivate to that potential provider. In case of any issues, there is a link to have a private chat with the Mercactivate support team.



This incredible app has been designed to work well in Android devices. The user will be required to have the version 4.0 or any latest version available in the market. Besides, the operating system should also be well functioning in order to boost the overall performance of the app.

Below are the distinct features that one will find out in the Mercactivate. Check them below:

Share helpful market reviews

This is a unique feature that is offered by this incredible app where users can post different comments in relation to the market places that they have visited. Once the post is received by Mercactivate, it undergoes assessment (to prove its genuineness) then get posted for other user to see. Besides, the users of this great app can share their experiences with family and friends via the social network link that is provided.

Value different markets and products

This incredible app gives the user a unique opportunity of giving out personal opinion based on experience gained from products and markets. The user can clearly state on whether the experience was good, bad or average. This gives the other users the hint on what to expect and make critical decisions required.


Updates on discounts and offers

The app has been designed in a way that the user will be able to receive different updates on the available discounts and offers present in the market. This can also be in the case of different travel deals to different market places surrounding a particular location. With Mercactivate, users can’t just miss out on such amazing offers!

GPS guide for easy location

Sometimes the user might be new to a certain market place and thus it might be hard to properly identify the location. Mercactivate has made things much easier through incorporating the GPS feature. This help user to locate easily market areas they do not know.

Great fascinating pictures

Planning to visit some amazing market areas? As a user of this incredible app, everything in relation to pictures of locations and products are well presented. Pictures are known to speak more about the entire place or products offered. This can help one to make a good decision when it comes to selecting the best locations.

What are some of the pros and cons that one will identify in Mercactivate app? Here they are:


· Faster and quick location of places

· Simple to setup and use

· Great theme and graphics from pictures

· The reviews from users are really helpful

· It is amazing to share experiences from products and markets


· Cannot operate without internet connection

· Performance affected in low network areas


In summary, Mercactivate is a classic and an absolutely reliable app when it comes to boosting communication. Its ability to interconnect users to different locations and products in a quick and efficient manner makes it an app worth owning (especially for users with great passion to do shopping or travelling for vacations). With the top rating and amazing reviews received, Mercactivate has undoubtedly delivered quality and efficient performance. It is available for free download at Google Play. Get it today. Don’t miss that experience!

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