Sorus Shield Free:Get Into The Game And Free The Universe From Aliens

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Let’s get into action and save the universe from the invading aliens! This is a clear picture that the Sorus Shield Free app game is trying to bring about to the game player. It is all about indulging into action in a strategic way in order to attack the aliens who are using light mines to as a means of carrying out their plans. Clearly speaking, this thrilling game puzzler imposes a great challenge to the player; the player should embark into a special mission using the Spaceship Sorus with the main purpose of completely dissolving the minefields. Once the aliens are in a filled line, it is the best time to launch an attack! Through this act, the fierce aliens will be eliminated and the universe freed from any attacks.

This amazing game from Marcus Dobler Applications UG (haftungsbeschränkt) seems to acquire some adaptations from the Tetris game. Though, it tends to possess great latest upgraded variations that uniquely identify it. Any passionate player should not wait at all to have a momentous experience with this mind-blowing and mysterious game.


Apparently, this incredible game was updated on 11th January, 2016 to incorporate new features that have contributed greatly improved its performance. Interestingly, Sorus Shield Free game is available in different languages which include German, Spanish and English. This makes it easily accessible and understandable to a wide base of users.

Compatibility of Sorus Shield Free

This amazing game has incorporated high quality features that make it to perform efficiently in highly defined devices. In order to boost its performance, it works well with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. When it comes to operating system, it adopts iOS 8.0 or any latest version present in the market. This ensures that it consistently runs smoothly and the output is unaltered.

Distinct Features

There are amazing features that are associated with Sorus Shield Free game. They include the following:


The two distinct modes

Interestingly, Sorus Shield Free offers the player two alternatives in relation to the mode of gameplay. There is the Arcade mode where the player is exposed to five levels that need to be unlocked. As a player, one is required to move different aliens (by getting rid of lines) which emanate from the light mines before they totally invade the universe.

The other type of mode is the Mission Mode that introduces the player to a series of missions to carry out. This involves getting rid of the aliens in the filled lines and going a step further to overcome different barriers and releasing stars. The missions are engaging and quite challenging and thus the user is required to sharpen skills and launch high-level attacks.

Obstacles and tasks to overcome

The Sorus Shield Free game exposes the player to different involving tasks while performing different missions. The player is required to achieve them in order to advance to more challenging tasks. Besides, there are quite a number of obstacles on the way. It is up for the player to apply the required skills in order to evade or eliminate them.


Compete with other players

Sorus Shield Free game gives the player a unique opportunity to engage with friends and other competitors in the game (especially on the Arcade Mode). This is a good chance for the game player to sharpen skills and gain experience to ultimately each the top of the Leaderboard!

Over 100 missions to conquer

With such a wide range of different missions to undertake, this utterly makes the Sorus Shield Free game lively and fascinating. There is always a new exposure, new challenge and new experience gained each time the player undertakes over 101 missions.

Great earnings and achievements

It is quite interesting when the effort of the player is rewarded. Apparently, Sorus Shield Free game comes with about 18 various types of achievements from the game center. This gives the player a unique chance to get such earnings once a particular mission has been successfully undertaken.

Here are some of the pros and cons that one can experience from the Sorus Shield Free game:


· It contains controls that are simple to use

· Cool graphics boosted by high quality sound effects

· Fun, captivating and enjoyable game to play

· Classical design with amazing space theme

· Numerous levels keeps the game fresh


· Mild performance from bugs

· Infrequencies in output with time

· Slightly challenging for novice players

Final Verdict

This fascinating game gives any player a good reason worth playing. With amazing graphics, great design and unstoppable captivating experience, this top rated game (4+ rating) has brought great satisfaction and fascination to the players. Why not get such an incredible chance of getting the game and embark into a mission of saving the universe? Download this amazing puzzler game at App Store (size 30.0MB) and get into the game today!

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