Crazy Zombie :Kill The Deadly Zombies and Save The World

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What a fantastic and thrilling experience a game player can get when engaging in a target mission game! The feeling, the energy and the 100% concentration makes such a game worth playing all day long. This is the exact momentous experience that is brought about by the Crazy Zombie game. The entire adaption of this incredible game gives any ardent player the incessant zeal of getting into the game right away; the entire world is on the verge of being infected by a first-spreading virus which is transforming human kind into zombies.

The effect of such mayhem is that these Zombies are completely crazy and they much anyone they come across. Something needs to be done as quickly as possible in order to take charge of the entire situation. How? These zombies need to be totally eliminated and this is a critical task that the game player is given together with other 10 heroes. That’s the absolute mission! Clearly speaking, the entire experience is totally amazing and worth trying.


What the Crazy Zombie game entails

A typical high quality, action-packed and fascinating game is the best description for this Crazy Zombie game. Designed and developed by Razmobi, this incredible app game (version 1) was recently updated on 16th June,2016 to improve its performance and output. So far it has been highly rated (with an overall 5-star rating) by its users, a factor that is mostly attributed to its continuous captivating experience, high quality graphics and the engaging action within it. This clearly how worth it is to play this great game!

How the Crazy Zombie game works

The main task that the player is given is to destroy all the zombies using highly sophisticated weapons that are quite effective. Using the bulls eye target, the player is supposed to take an aim and kill any spotted zombies; this should be done as quick and accurate as possible before the bullets contained are completely exhausted. A hint? As a player, one needs to ensure that most of the targets are headshots since there are bonus points rewarded for such accuracy level of aiming!


Another fascinating experience is the ability to activate the slow motion feature and watch as the zombie gets knocked down by a stray of bullets. Interestingly, the game remains as lively as possible. This is especially boosted by the ability of the player to take the character of different 10 heroes (with different skills and experience) within the game. It is just the right time to get into the game and exercise the game skills of a sniper-like character!


What are some of the amazing features found within this Crazy Zombie game? They include the following:

10 crazy-looking hero characters

The entire experience is great as the user exchange different character roles that are actually super cool. The player is required to take the role of a sniper in all these 10-cool hero characters and use the different skills in each of them to completely destroy the zombies. Don’t miss to try each character’s skills!

Numerous fascinating levels to rise!

Apparently, this is one of the interesting games that expose the user to many levels (over 150 of them) as they graduate across the three major chapters in the game. Such many levels imply that the experience is unstoppable and continuous all along. Good news? More levels are yet to come soon!

Different unique zombies to eliminate!

The types of zombies found within this Crazy Zombie game are different and it is surprising that some of them will require more than one bullet to kill them. In some cases, the player will require to use more sophisticated weapons to destroy some of them.

Enter weapon galore and get armed

In order to kill any zombie on sight, one is required to be completely armed with the right weapon. Some of these weapons include black holes, logs, bombs, ultra-cool nukes and rotating weapons and platforms. With such kind of weapons, the player is indeed ready to face the zombies.

The headshot feature

This is a unique feature that the player will find it interesting. This is because each headshot made on the zombie and destroys it makes the player to earn some bonus points! Besides, the player has the chance of putting the slow motion mode to clearly see the bullet as it knocks the zombie dead.

Here are some of the pros and cons that are clearly seen in this Crazy Zombie game:


· A captivating unstoppable experience

· Easy to play and make perfect targets

· Numerous levels make the game lively and interesting

· New learning moment from the 10 heroes present

· Great and high quality graphics applied


· Quite challenging (slow response) to the beginners

· Mild performance experienced when not updated


It is clear that this action-packed Crazy Zombie game has been perfectly developed to bring a sensation moment to the game players. Its addictive nature, high performing features, excellent output and the unstoppable experience makes it a game worth playing. Why not get into a mission of saving humankind from the zombies? Download this interesting game today (size 27MB) and get started right away!

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