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Getting an amazing app that gives one a completely entertaining moment for the video music is one of the best things ever. Taking into consideration the high quality content of the videos, this clearly implies that the satisfaction gained will be immense. Indeed, it is everyone’s dream to get the best out of the music videos that they watch. Thus there is great need of getting a platform that offers such high quality content.

Interestingly, the music industry and passionate music lovers have got a distinct reason to smile. This is due to the introduction of the upgraded Edge Music app that comes with a great video music experience for its users. This incredible app has displayed high quality performance in relation to the video content and the sound quality. Having been recently updated on 23rd May, 2016, it has enhanced its overall performance through fixing the bug issue.


Other two notable features incorporated include new updates on the app icon together with the personal playlist creation where the users can develop their own playlist of tracks. It is clear that this English-based app is designed to deliver the best to its users and give them the real value derived from video music.

Compatible Devices for Edge Music app

Apparently, this version 3.4 of Edge Music app has exhibited great performance when it comes to music quality output. This incomparable feature is a clear indication it will actually require well-designed and compatible devices for it to operate in the best way. Thus, it is known to work best in iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. In relation to the operating system, the user will be required to possess iOS 9.0 or any other latest version.


Due to the simple nature of operation of this great app, the user is bound to encounter the features below:

Develop a customized playlist

This amazing app for video music comes with a great sense of personal touch where the user is given a chance to develop a personal playlist. Besides, there is an option that facilitates sharing of the best music videos with close friends. This is worth trying out!

Rewards are in-waiting!

Interestingly, there are numerous earnings that the use of Edge Music app can get. It is all about listening to different music videos and getting some earnings which can put one in a position of being rewarded.


Fresh playlist to listen to

At some point in time, the user will discover that there are some new playlists which have been added into the app. The newly handpicked playlist is facilitated by the Edge Music app experts to ensure that an individual is always updated

Top Videos by famous artists

This is a great feature that ensures that an individual is up-to-date with the latest music videos that have been introduced to the market by top musicians. With the unrestricted experience to video music, the user can get different labels made by artists and even identify the upcoming ones in the industry.

Detailed and amazing content

There are quite a number of incredible content that an individual can listen to or gain from this Edge Music app. For instance there are a number of special music offers, different new music video released, and even other music-related content of different artists.


Efficient discovery tools for tracking music

This is one of the essential components in this app that makes work pretty easy. Actually, it highly facilitates quick and easy search of different favorite music that an individual would prefer to listen to.

Meanwhile, this Edge Music app is free for download but also contains an upgraded package that comes with a 14-day free trial followed by a monthly payment of $9.90. The advantage derived from the renewable subscription option is the unlimited access to the music video library.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the Edge Music app:


· High quality sound and display

· The entire performance of the music video is high

· Option to create favorite playlist is worthy

· Rewards provided are amazing

· The aspect of sharing videos is well enhanced


· Mild profanity in performance

· May be used as a platform for drug abuse and violence


When it comes to entertainment, Edge Music app has clearly proven to be the exceptional and highly defined app to perform that task. Its convenient nature, high quality formation and adoption of user- friendly options are some of the numerous features entailed in this great app. Clearly speaking, this is a must app to any individual ready to get entertained to the maximum with video music. The app is available for free at App Store. Get it today!

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