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A gaming experience for kids clearly implies that they are bound to learn quite a lot of interesting things. Meanwhile, a music game experience brings more than just great fun and excitement especially keeping in mind that children love getting engaged into singing mode. Thus, a great exposure to a music game will absolutely arouse their total commitment and make the total experience worth taking. This is exactly what the Mussila app game has taken into account. Developed by Rosamosi ehf, Mussila app goes a step further to offer great entertainment to children especially between 6-8 years as they engage into the game.

What is Entailed in Mussila app

This English-based app that was recently updated on 15th June, 2016 introduces the player to an incredible journey of performance and jam sessions soon after joining the band. The aim focuses on discovering different instruments and outfits that are deemed to have gotten lost and through that process engage in playing songs.

The game borrows its originality from curriculum based on music which engages the kids into a series of learning in order to grasp the music content through a fun-filled and creative manner.


How the Mussila app works

At first, one will note that there are mystical monsters, strange surroundings and thirdly the Mussila band. This band is travelling across different areas while performing different jam sessions. On their performances, they interact together with highly musical monsters. As one sail across those regions and through different skill building levels, one is introduced to variety of instruments that can be played to bring out different melodies and rhythms.

In order to ensure that the game meets the needs of the player and boost the level of equality, the Mussila app game is total gender neutral. Besides, there is no kind of violence portrayed within the game thus ensuring that children can learn the basic skills that can have a positive impact in their lives.

Here are the unique features discovered in Mussila app:

Unique set of melodies and rhythms

Once the player has progressed up to the skill building levels, one gets equipped with different sets of instruments. Such instruments can be used to play different sets of rhythm and melodies that are highly customized. This may also include playing piano notes.

Make new original music

This is a unique feature that the user utilizes especially due to the presence of the available instruments that can be applied in making such kind of music. This is absolutely something worth trying!


Make participations on jam session

Once the player is in Mussila band, this is a great chance to make different presentation during jam sessions. The player can apply the skills obtained in playing unique sets of instruments available.

Get rewarded with new outfits and instruments

A good performance will always make the player to make some earnings which are given out in form of new instruments and outfits. Thus there is need to perform well in order to come out the best!

Amazing user-friendly graphics

The game has adopted a great display that is quite user-friendly and pretty cool for the user. Fro instance, the exterior features such as ads are not present, thus making the player have an easy moment when playing.


Pros and Cons Featured in Mussila app


· The entire setup is classic and unique

· The user-friendly nature makes the game interesting

· No ads- full concentration!

· Great learning moment- piano notes

· Amazing rewards in-waiting for player


· Mild fear induced from horrific creatures

· Performance interrupted when memory boost slows down

Final Verdict

A great and fascinating experience is absolutely worth experiencing. This is exactly what the kids are promised by the top notch Mussila app. The app has adopted great features that make it outstanding both in performance and output. This is absolutely a must-play app for young children to get that amazing experience. Download it today at App Store!

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