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Mobile Optimizer and Cleaner is a free Android app from MDroid. It takes a pragmatic approach to ensure the mobile device runs smoothly. It helps to clean junk files and organize information. It enables the device to gain back its performance after which the information can be backed up. This free app cleans junk files and optimizes phone memory in minutes. Mobile Optimizer and Cleaner helps the user to clear unwanted apps, back up important notes, free phone and memory card storage, boost performance and enhance phone speed. It is recommended for Android devices that run slowly. It also features simple battery life tips. It provides simple and useful options for cleaning and optimization.



Mobile Optimizer and Cleaner requires only 1.91 MB storage space. It is designed to free up the RAM and enhance phone speed. Junk files are cleared to free up storage space. This app manager is designed to back up apps and remove unwanted applications. The app manager has five options namely; backup, uninstall, application information, launch and Google Play. The user can select and uninstall a number of apps simultaneously. Freeing up the memory helps in boosting games speed. The game booster allows the user to choose certain games. Once the game is launched, the app runs the one-tap booster to increase speed. This app is designed to enhance privacy by cleaning browser history SMS and MMS messages, call logs and clipboard data. The app cleans the browsers history and bookmarks which eliminates junk files. It searches for chat files with the information of who you have been communicating with or what you have been up to.


It then gives the user a chance to clean the messages. It comes with battery life tips to help the user to extend phones` battery life. Mobile Optimizer and Cleaner provides information on unnecessary processes running in the background. It helps the user to monitor screen brightness, Bluetooth, mobile data, Wi-Fi and GPS among other tasks that use more battery power. The interface is easy and simple to use. Therefore, anyone can use the app to obtain maximum benefits. The app is available at play store for free download. Immediately after installation, the app starts to analyze the device. It informs the user on the amount of space that can be freed up. The settings page is also short enough.



-Free download

-Enhances privacy

-Boosts game speed

-No notifications and pop ups

-Offers battery life tips


-Limited Game Booster information

-Many ads

Mobile Optimizer helps in enhancing the devices` cleanliness and speed. It offers a free and simple way to keep mobile devices running smoothly. It is very useful for devices that have been used for a long time since they contain junk files and unused applications. The user can choose individual apps, obtain their information and proceed to uninstall or back them up. It offers a new gaming experience via the game booster. Battery life tips are useful for long browsing periods. It also enhances privacy by enabling the user to manage massages and browser information. The apps provides mobile information after which the user executes things by choice. It is recommended for all Android users.

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