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For any business to operate smoothly, there is need to ensure that it has monitored the overall performance. It can achieve this through checking on the time spent in enhancing the output of different projects and the invoice payments facilitated to various clients. In most cases, the business might find this entire process challenging if there is no clear strategy or platform used to track such performances. Consequentially, the situation may pose a threat to business operation especially in relation to time management and invoice management.

With the introduction of Minterapp, the activities of the firm are now quite easy and efficient to undertake. With only a touch of a button, this app correctly converts the time which was taken to perform different projects into well-presented invoices. Surprisingly, Minterapp has been designed in a simple manner which makes it easy to operate; this has made many clients adopt it. Besides, its professional outlook clearly proves that its core purpose is intact, and one should expect the best results in business perform after integrating it.

Compatible Devices For Minterapp

Minterapp has adopted high-quality features such as excellent graphics effects, perfect theme and a stable platform which can be supported by great devices. Thus this app is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Besides, the user can integrate this app into PC where it can still function efficiently.

How the Minterapp works

The user will discover that this great app has incorporated user-friendly features that make it easy to operate. When it comes to functionality, the user is given an opportunity to generate customized invoices concerning the time spent on different projects. Besides, this fantastic app facilitates generation of invoices which can be sent to various clients for them to make payments. It is clear that this app is deemed to boost the level of efficiency in performance besides taking into account the time factor used in undertaking projects.

Distinct Features of Minterapp

Get fully-presented reports

It is an interesting feature that one will discover from this fantastic app. The user will be able to access detailed analyses of all invoices that have been generated by the business. For instance, the company will identify those invoices that it is processing, those that it has cleared through payment and those that it is yet to issue. All such information is well-presented on the dashboard.

Create satisfactory estimates

The Minterapp gives the business a chance to work on estimates that it can issue to clients. It is meant to give a clear picture of what is to expect when the project is edging to its completion. Additionally, this will make the clients get prepared concerning cost when it comes to making payments.

Generate custom invoices for payment

Minterapp is designed in a way that one can use it to create customized invoices which clients can get to initiate payment. The user can incorporate different customized settings to come up with individual invoices that perfectly match various projects and the needs of the clients. Besides, such payments can be facilitated through efficient sources like PayPal, Basecamp, Stripe, and

Perfect time tracker

It is now the best opportunity to track consistently the performance and the time taken in completing different projects using Minterapp. The entire process is meant to boost the overall output for each project and aimed at achieving efficiency in time. Once the business has tracked time, it can then convert it to the invoice which can reflect the amount of payment to be made by clients.

Also, the user can conveniently track time from any location due to the integration of cloud storage in Minterapp. Thus no need to worry at all when one is far from home or office!

Pros and Cons of Minterapp

Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks identified in Minterapp:


• Efficient and quick sources of payments

• Satisfactory reports generated for clients

• Quite convenient-track time from anywhere

• Easy monitoring of revenue through tagging

• Easy generation of customized revenues for payment


• Operates mostly on online platform; not effective on areas with no internet

• Some reports are complicated thus hard to understand


Minterapp has taken into account essential features that make it outstanding when it comes to tracking time and generation of invoices. It extends to give the business an opportunity to scale its operations to different clients once the departmental hourly rates have been set up. With the adoption of efficient payment sources, Minterapp has made invoicing much easier. Indeed, this is an excellent app worth downloading for free. Try it today and take a step of transforming the business performance!

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