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Photos have been known to induce significant memories of events and exciting activities that occurred in the past. Besides, they bring out perfect reminiscence of what transpired at the moment when the photo was captured. Apparently, photos stimulate feelings and emotions and bring a high interconnection that can be worth remembering. Apparently, in most cases, the photos that most people have in their devices are in individual form; thus each picture tends to portray only a portion of what occurred in a certain event. What about creating a collage of photos that contained detailed happenings that are closely related? This sounds interesting! With the introduction of the Vivid Collage app from Vivid Apps, everything has been made quite easier and fun. It just takes a couple of minutes for one to develop the collage of photos. It is indeed worth trying!


How the Vivid Collage app works

Surprisingly, this incredible app is pretty simple to operate. At first, one needs to have the collection of photos that are to be integrated into the collage of photos. The user can then proceed to create amazing collages of images; besides the app allows one to apply different sketches and texts which can be customized or handwritten to bring out a sense of personal touch. Apparently, one can opt to eliminate mismatching regions on the photo and replace such areas with organic collages.

Another interesting thing? Vivid Collage app supports the application of filters, reflection, warping and applying the perspective design on different photos. Ultimately, one will discover how amazing, and stunning such collages come out! The next thing remaining is the unique opportunity to share such those collage of photos with friends and family; this can be down through uploading them via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or even sending them through email.

Compatible Devices for Vivid Collage app

The user will discover that this amazing app has incorporated fantastic features that are of exceptional quality. With such high resolution and quality display concerning the collages created, this can only be perfected by using high-quality devices. Thus compatible devices adopted include iPad (together with iPad Pro), iPod Touch and iPhone. Besides, the user will need iOS 7.0 or any latest operating system for it to work on this version 2.0 app.


Here are the amazing features that one will come across in Vivid Collage app:

Apply opacity and blending features

Blending options and opacity are meant to give the collage of photo a unique, captivating appearance. Such application may include overlaying and multiplying of images. Besides, the user can apply different screen blending to give the photo an entire outlook.

Scale, rotate and crop photos

The user can use different adjustments with the size of the collage of photos through scaling. Additionally, one can turn the image to either appear in an inclined angle or any degree of orientation. With cropping, this is meant to bring focus to the regions of the photo that the user wants to concentrate.

Apply different effects on collages

A captivating collage will always induce a great sense of excitement. Vivid Collage app has integrated incredible warp and perspective effects the user can apply to the photos and other texts in a collage. The photo filter feature helps create an amazing makeup of the photo to give it an impressive look. Other effects include applying paint and masking out unwanted regions.

Insert different texts and drawings

There are different features for the text formatting such as alignment, color, and font selection. The user can also add ellipse primitive and different rectangles (especially for the frame photos) to make the picture appear classic in appearance.


Download collage and share!

Interestingly, Vivid Collage app integrates perfectly well with Dropbox download or uploads thus making it easy to save the collage of photos. There are different social sites supported by this great app. They include Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook (which allows direct download).

New Features?

With the recent update of this incredible on 2nd June, 2016, there are new features which have been included. They include layer handling, gradient coloring for the text, attributed text, new image filters, improved user interface, new blending options and the change in app’s name.

Here are the Pros and Cons identified in the Vivid Collage app:


• High quality and captivating complex collages created

• Fantastic sharing experience of collages

• A great sense of attachment to photo through sketch insertions

• Easy downloading and uploading of photos; Dropbox supported

• Vast and wide range of unique effects to apply


• Quite challenging when editing for beginners

• Mild performance if not updated


Vivid Collage app has come out as an incredibly amazing app that brings out the great taste of a collage of photos. It has integrated significant components that have not only improved its performance but also facilitate in creating a perfect collage. The quality display, blending options and user-friendly interface proves its worth in delivering the best. It is time to create amazing intricate collages by downloading today Vivid Collage app at App Store. Don’t miss that photo experience!

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