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The lasting impression Colorcube by Next Apps BVBA will leave you with is that it is fascinating app. So simple, and yet so intriguing. Even the name evokes a magical world of colors, mystery and hidden treasures. In this regard, the experience of the game does not disappoint.

Whether its deep mental stimulation, simple time pass or a quick refresher you are looking for this app will leave you wanting to turn more pieces, blend more colors until you finally get to the pattern that was there all along.

cl1Main Features

The first step, getting the app is easy for all iPhone, iPads and iPad touch compatible with iOS 9.0 or later versions. It is also supported on other android devices. The installation is quick and simple to execute. Then the fun begins.

The interface for both platforms are the same. It gets all the basics of correct. It has a professional look to it that always enhances the experience, its visuals are very stimulating and the colors play well. Learning to navigate the app is intuitive and quick. There is no need to spend any time on the app itself so all of the time can be dedicated to learning the tricks and thus mastering the game.


The game is set upon a very basic principle. Rotate the pieces, blend the colors you put together and build up the layers until you can get to a final pattern. Easy enough? You will be surprised at how untrue that can be. A puzzle that seemed like a quick 5 minute solve might possibly bug you for a long time. For those looking for a true challenge this might be the newest game to appeal to you for a long time. However, nobody needs to be discouraged. With about 200 easily accessible levels, there is something here for everyone. Furthermore, as you play the game each layer builds up the necessary colors automatically. This enables you to think things through in small puzzles and so you don’t need to solve the entire problem at once. Build up with small puzzles for the final puzzle. The finish is none the less rewarding.

It was surprising to see how visual the game is. For people who see the world in patterns, colors and abstracts this game is even more appealing.

Finally, you can play the game in your native languages for most parts of the world.


· The simplicity of the game is its main appeal.

· The visual perception focus of the app is pleasing.

· Versatility of the game. It has over 200 levels with all levels of difficulty.

· Language support is great.



For some hyper competitive people having no timer can be a bit of a disappointment.

Some people are addicted to free games. The $1.99 price tag might come as a shock.

Final verdict

Intriguing, compelling and addictive this is a great puzzle game. It’s worth the small price of getting it and the time and mental anguish in solving it.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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