Falling Bowling – An Incredibly Amazing Bowling-Related Game

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Bowling has been known to be one of the fascinating games that a player can engage into. This is due to the zeal and vigor expressed by the players as they try to make scores. Now, as an ardent game player, one has a great chance of trying out a uniquely defined type of bowling app game. Having been designed by the Space Crescent LLC, Falling Bowling game takes a different approach where the player is required to extend into the deepest part possible in the game. How is this achieved? Apparently, there are obstacles and traps that are on the way and thus the player should avoid them in order to move deeper and gain more scores.


Understanding the Bowling Falling app game

This version 1.0 of Bowling Falling game was released on 16th July, 2016. It is currently available in English language which is quite conversant with a wide customer base. So far it has been rated highly with an overall rating of 5 stars. This is a clear indication that it has exhibited exceptional performance that has exceeded the expectations of the users. Reviewers have applauded this great due to its fun-filled nature, beautiful graphic effects and absolutely stable when playing.

How the Bowling Falling app game operates

This is one of the interesting games that the user will find quite easy to play. The game involves getting the ball across different levels which are descending (that is from top to bottom). Along the way there are different obstacles that the player will encounter. Some may include spikes and traps which one needs to evade them. Upon hitting such obstacles, the game comes to an end. Meanwhile, this fantastic game requires the player to exercise great skills in a faster manner; this highly facilitates the player to get great scores and stay for long in the game. Interestingly, the game comes along with different rewards like a chance to collect coins, and even unlocking special balls. This is something worth going for!


Compatible Devices for Bowling Falling app game

The user will discover that the entire design of this great app is classic and of high quality. This clearly implies that for it to function effectively and achieve the intended expectation, a good and viable platform will be of great need. Thus, the required devices include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. For the operating system, a compatible one should be iOS 6.0 or any latest available.

Below are the unique features identified in Bowling Falling app game:

Unlock new characters and special balls 

As a player, there is a chance to unlock new characters and balls once a certain high level score has been attained. This allows the player to highly improve in performance as the new players can come with unique and upgraded skills. This makes it easy to move across different levels.


Unique and user-friendly interface 

Apparently, the user will note that the interface applied in playing this great game is quite easy to control. The player can easily move the ball along the platform provided and achieve great score. Meanwhile, the hands used in playing and the eyes of the player should remain focused.

Great quality graphic effects

This is a fantastic notable feature that the player will see from this amazing app. Actually, it has integrated colorful and beautifully designed graphic display which makes it captivating. Besides, the perfect theme that has been adopted aligns really well with the app’s purpose. Additionally, the randomized attractive scenes included make the entire app to appear really classical.

Share and compete with friends

Interestingly, the user will discover that the social network support has been integrated within this incredible app. This platform allows the player to share the game experience with other players and friends. One can then compete to see who will emerge at the top of the leaderboard.

Efficient support from game center

Facing a problem playing the game? There is no need to worry! With the inclusion of the Support Game Center, the player can always send any queries regarding the Bowling Falling app. On the other hand, any updates and upgrade features created can always be communicated through the support center.

Here are the Pros and Cons established from the Bowling Falling app:


· Offers great fun and excitement during gameplay

· High quality sound formation

· Colorful and attractive graphic effects

· Performance is quite stable

· Really captivating; one can play all day long!


· Infrequent in performance; needs constant update

· Contains more of fantasy violence

Final Verdict

Bowling Falling app is absolutely a fantastic and fun-filled game that any ardent player should give it a try. Having been equipped with exceptional features such as great background sound, amazing graphics, and unique user-interface feature, this game meets the player’s satisfaction. It is time to get it today at App Store for absolutely free. Why wait? Download it and get started now!

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