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Getting inspired on daily basis can be quite encouraging and amazing in a way that one can embrace the day with absolute confidence. In most cases, inspirational messages can be conveyed in form of amazing quotes easily accessed and even shared among friends and family members. Actually, everyone feel motivated when inspired and feel that life is fun and worth living! With the release of MyHappy app on 13th August, 2016, users can now get an incredible opportunity to apply customizing features and come up with great inspirational quotes. Interestingly, these quotes can be shared to friends through the social platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp. It is now the best time to get fully inspired with hundreds of curated funnies and interesting quotes with MyHappy app!


How the MyHappy app works

This incredible app designed by My Happy Ltd comes around with exciting experience that the user will absolutely love! At first, the user will realize that there are numerous customizing options that can be applied to make the entire quotes look amazing. For instance, these include adding filters, changing colors, filters, background and even applying the drag and drop feature from the image editor. Besides, there are different categories presented by this app which may revolve around topics like motivation, faith, family and love. With the application of such features, one will absolutely create an incredibly unique quote that is quite captivating and appealing!

Compatible Devices for MyHappy app

This English-based app has incorporated unique and high quality features that give the user utmost satisfaction. In order to consistently run smoothly, it requires a great platform that will seamlessly work with it. Thus, the recommended devices for this great app include iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. For operating system, iOS 8.4 or any new version works best for this app.Meanwhile, the user will need to connect to Wi-Fi or internet in form of EDGE, 2G, 3G or 4G so as to carry out messaging services. Actually, high compatibility of MyHappy app with devices makes it to perform efficiently in a super easy manner!

Below are the exceptional features found in MyHappy app that makes it worth getting:

Send and receive inspiring messages and photos

This unique feature supported by this great app allows one to design beautiful photos that may be accompanied by inspiring messages. Interestingly, this is done in a faster and easy manner than expected! To make it better, there is the sharing option which allows the user to send curated quotes to friends and family and enjoy happy moments together. This is absolutely worth trying!

Perfect classic design applied

Apparently, this is a feature that clearly presents itself to the user of this app. The entire design is absolutely beautiful and captivating. Besides, the user-interface that has been adopted is quite simple to operate thus giving the user an easy time when using this app. Actually, the modern aesthetic nature of this app boosted by colorful themes and styles makes it absolutely fantastic!

Numerous customizing options worth trying

With the presence of different quotes provided by this app, the user can choose one of them and transform it to a completely unique one. How? This is through applying customized features and photo effects such as different filters, amazing fonts, changing background appearance among other features. Besides, the user can proceed to create a photo library where customized quotes can be stored.


Super awesome templates integrated

Actually, the user will discover the stunning templates that have been integrated in the MyHappy app not only create a captivating appearance but also ensure that the entire quotes created are orderly and easy to access. Furthermore, an individual can create different templates with own photos or beautiful quotes. This can be a great surprise to friends and family members! Surprisingly, some of the customized quotes can turn out to be award-winning on different social platforms. Why not try it?

Free to use without extra charges!

This interesting feature about MyHappy app clearly implies that there is no extra charge imposed when sending out customized messages and quotes. The only charges incurred are for the data which depends on the network provider offering such services. Additionally, this great app supports different forms of internet connection for the phone; these include Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, EDGE and 2G. Also, one doesn’t need to subscribe in order to enjoy using MyHappy app!

Here are the Pros and Cons that have clearly come out from the MyHappy app:


· Absolutely simple to use and operate for a novice user

· Quite fun-filled experience when creating and sharing funny quotes!

· Great application of customized features; filters work out perfectly

· The entire classic design is super awesome and captivating!

· A great tool for inspiration and keeping in touch with friends


· Mild performance due to bugs

· Not effective in areas with no good network


MyHappy app has clearly displayed exceptional features which makes it absolutely super awesome and worth downloading. Its classic design, simple and user-friendly interface, customizable features and sharing option make the user to have unstoppable experience while using it. This app is high recommendable for anyone in need of great inspiration in a unique way. Get it today at App Store for absolutely free!

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