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While I was a new kid on the block, I certainly managed to come across an astonishing app developed by the Billdu LTD., that helps me create an invoice in just a moment. Billdu is a modern business invoicing tool, an E-commerce plugin for small companies to run out of the box and perform the business with the help of a simple smart phone or a personal computer.The intention of the inventor of this app was probably to help the world save time and invest the same in other fields. The app provides a facility of creating automated invoice compliant with legislation.This app has been helping me in creating and sending invoices online to anyone across the globe in just seconds. This great app has been helping me with all sort of estimation programmes.


All you need to do is just download the app from the store, create an account, fill in your personal details – the secrecy of which need not be worried about, choose an invoice colour palette, predefined text, customize your logo, create a signature and your custom template is all ready to be in use.The created custom template is clear, pleasant and informative and you have your own template patented.This is a great platform for all the freelancers and small business owners who can create their own websites and present them to the clients more effectively.This has already helped me earn more as a freelancer myself.To be more precise,you will be able to build and issue invoice and other documents anywhere at anytime. All you need is a PC, Mac, iPhone or an android and you can keep your business running economically in that order. As a time-saving tool itself, it helps you also save money that would be spent otherwise on issuing the invoice in a traditional way and thus the app can be equated to a business equation, money saved is money earned.This acceleration in the new business world I believe, will certainly create ease across.

bill2The features of this app includes-being able to create simple invoice online primarily, keeps a track of all the business expenditure that will help you have a perfect overview of your receipts and expenses, helps you connect to an accountant online which will reduce your stress on paper works and typing errors, all the information is synced in and later accessible in the web app as well, lets you view all the saved documents even without an internet connection, acts as a total trustee in maintaining the secrecy of your activities online. Adding more details to this,the language of the invoice, the formal date format, your current location,local cess and cess labels are modified according to your location and you will be able to create a professional website and present it globally that would in turn fetch you new customer base and most importantly your website would be rated and provided with high quality feedbacks. Owing to the comfort in operating and monitoring your business with a single touch makes an investor’s life out-of-office.Taking its fewer and unusable features, no special layouts, small buttons into consideration, I personally feel are sure the only drawbacks.Otherwise simple, fast, reliable, user-friendly customization gives it a huge following. Go billdu, go business and go mobile!

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