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Currently, there are numerous live video streaming apps that one can come across in the marketing platforms. However, some of them do not meet the expectations of an individual thus not bringing the great satisfaction needed. Thus, it is always critical to check through the app before making the ultimate informed decision of downloading. Meanwhile, there is one fantastic app that has clearly proven how efficient and reliable it is in its functionality; the What U See app. Created and designed by What U See Ltd, this app not only delivers high quality live broadcast but also makes it convenient to the user anytime, anywhere. It actually opens up the real world to its user and brings it to the users via mobile phone camera. Using “other eyes’” located in different parts of the world; it is time to have the best exploration while being at a comfortable location.


How is the operation of the What U See app? 

Actually, this fantastic app allows the user to access different mobile phone cameras that may be located around the world during an active live stream. Besides, such cameras can even offer guidance to ensure that the targeted direction is perfectly achieved. However, the user will first be required to have the right coordinates of the targeted location by using the inbuilt map in order to identify the other users within the radius of the connection. This makes it easy to initiate connection and establish a live video stream. At some point, one can be requested to turn the camera in different direction in order to get the entire view of the location. Actually, the entire operation is pretty simple to understand and perform.

Compatible Platforms for What U See app

Having been designed to work in strong devices, What U See app is currently operation in iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. Users with iOS 8.0 or any later version can also perfectly integrate the app. This app is designed to ensure that the performance output exceed customer’s expectations thus a stronger device can deliver that.

Check below for the unique features that are evident in the What U See app:

Watch, share and delete broadcast videos

With the ability of What U See app to facilitate efficient live streaming of different broadcasts from all over the world, the user can have a fantastic moment watching them in real time. Another interesting thing is that such archived broadcasts can be shared to different users with ease. This can result to the display of likes and number of views from them. Besides, an individual can also get rid of some of the archived videos after some time.



Once the location has been identified, one can proceed to click the “Broadcast” button which leads to a pop-up request that needs to be approved by the user so that connection can be established. The next thing to do is to point the phone ahead once the connection has been created so that live broadcast can be initiated. During the liEnable location services and start broadcastingve broadcast, one can initiate chats with broadcasters who may ensure that the view is well captured. The stored live broadcast can then be shared with other users.

Experience real time live events around the world

With What U See app everything that happens only on broadcasted channels appears live and pretty close to reality. Whether is checking on what is currently happening near the London eye or feeling the amazing atmosphere of Morocco, such an experience is absolutely brought in real time by this amazing app! It is truly a dream come true with such a great exploration.

Join a community, get scores and improve on ranks

With the aim of achieving a great interactive platform, What U See app has created a user-friendly community that focus on boosting the performance of the user. Besides, this community comes with different stages of ranking such as Noob, Watcher, Observer, Scouter , Voyager and Explorer. As a beginner, an individual is ranked under Noob; with consistent interaction with other users, the ranking improves to finally reach the Explorer level.

In relation to security and privacy of the app, the developers have been keen to ensure that user’s confidentiality is maintained. This is through creating anonymous identity as the user interacts on its platform. Only location points under anonymous identifier are revealed.

What are the Pros and Cons noted in this great app? Here are some of them:


· Super awesome when it comes to convenience

· Safe and secure view

· Efficient mode of sharing broadcasts

· Great and high quality performance

· Real time video streaming makes the entire experience fun


· Sometimes difficult to access archived videos

· May induce mild sexual content

Final Verdict

Getting a high quality live video stream has never been easy due to problems encountered in creating a stable and seamless connection. With What U See app, this perception has been completely changed due to integration of high quality features that support great connection to offer real time video streaming. Clearly, this amazing app is worth downloading. It is available for free at App Store. Get it now start live broadcasting!

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