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Ready to explore and discover new exciting places? A unique opportunity is presented by the highly-designed TimeSet app. This fantastic app from TimeSet Inc. allows its users to capture different photos from their new adventures, create a bucketlist and share them with friends. It also offers a platform where its entire community can interact through posting comments and likes based on different photos posted. Besides, the app takes into account the details of the time and location the photo was captured; this is well-facilitated by the built-in maps and GPS feature.

Clearly, this amazing app for Android offers its users a chance to feel inspired by a wide collection of images that covers different topics. These include travel, technology, fashion, cars, buildings and even sports among others. This can absolutely induce great feeling that can stimulate great adventures to new worldwide locations. With the current overall rating of 4.7 stars from the reviewers, it’s a clear indication of how this app has received positive critic due to its incredible performance.


The Functionality of TimeSet app

Designed with an amazing user-interface platform, the user will have an easy time operating and managing this app. The first step one can undertake is to customize the profile picture and related features. One can then proceed to invite friends to share different journeys and new adventures through a bucketlist of photo experiences. Once such photos have been captured, they can be shared on the community platform which can either be inclusive or exclusive. Meanwhile, other users can express their likes, comments and even following indicated locations. Besides, the app also allows sharing with bucketlist created and individual images with friends via the share icon. In simple terms, TimeSett app has been designed to offer a unique exploration experience using high quality images in an interactive platform.

Compatible Devices for TimeSet app

This app has incorporated unique and highly-defined features that are meant to boost its entire operation. Meanwhile, a strong and high-performing device can perfectly support the functionality of this app. Thus, the recommended device is Android from version 4.1 and later.

Distinct features that one will identify in this incredible app include the following:


Create a community with same interests

Apparently, different users have varied taste and preferences when it comes to venturing on new adventures. Thus, TimeSet app has integrated a platform where the user can develop different bucketlist based on their interest, goals and specifications. Some unique community may relate to movies, beauty or recreational activities. For instance, “Watch Latest Favorite Movies”. Some communities can be inclusive or exclusive during interaction and based on user’s preferences.

Meet new people on new adventures

As an individual shares different photos based on different adventures, this can induce great interaction from other TimeSet users based on such locations. Some individuals may also be inspired to visit those amazing places or even try new things displayed by the photo. TimeSet app allows its users to send friendship invitations to other people such that they can know each other better and share different experiences. Besides, one can invite friends and other people for new adventures like mountain climbing, boat riding, and game hunting among others.

Come up with a unique bucketlist

With TimeSet app, an individual can develop a unique and fascinating bucketlist that may contain a wide collection of photos. Actually, one can create different bucketlists based on varied interests such as food, technology, cars, fashion, historical sites, natural sceneries, sports, favorite shows and many others. One can proceed to share such a bucketlist with friends on different social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Customize photo view by category

There are different categories of photos that have been integrated in this app. Depending on the user’s preferences, one can opt to view certain photos based on interests and passions. Some of the major categories one will come across include education, dining/food/restaurant, business, art, entertainment/games, events/ attractions/ museums, celebrity and much more.

Filter overall view to control privacy

In some cases, users may prefer to manage their privacy by controlling individuals that can view their photos. TimeSet app has taken that factor into account by allowing users to filter their view. This can be based on filtering “Friends only”, “Followers only” or “Followed location only”. Through this technique, the user can always have the peace of mind while sharing photos and viewing preferred locations.

Here are the Pros and Cons that are identified in the TimeSet app:


· Intuitive user interface

· Amazing exploration adventure

· High quality and fascinating images

· A chance to create and share bucketlist

· Great interaction in a community with shared goals


· Slowdown in performance when not updated

· Affected by the bug problem

TimeSet app has come with a new experience when it comes to exploring the world through viewing, capturing and sharing incredible photos. It has integrated amazing platform and customized features that gives the user the power to manage the photo view in the best way possible. Besides, it is quite interactive, user-friendly and generally exhibit excellent performance. It is absolutely a must-recommend to any ardent photo lover. Currently, it is ready for download on the Google Play. Get it today and experience unstoppable global photo fascination!

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