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If you love beer and can’t live without it, then I have an awesome app for you. It’s called Brew Guru. If you want to make beer on your own in your home and satisfy yourself, then this app will be very helpful for you.

Brew Guru has been developed by the American Homebrewers Association. It is a mobile app compatible with any Android Smartphone having 4.4 or later versions of the Operating System.


Coming on to the graphics, they can’t be expressed. The colours are just awesome and the sounds are really good. It has a user-friendly interface. Rest, you will get to know when you are familiar with this app.

The aim of the app is basically to satisfy the thirst of beer lovers and amateur brewers. You can also find local breweries, redeem special offers and boost your brewing skills. You must have this app if you’re a beer enthusiast.

You can learn about beer and Homebrewing and prepare a good beer according to your taste. This will help to save money and it is more hygienic than the ready made. It delivers sage brewing advice and resources.


With the help of Brew Guru, beer lovers and brewers save money at their local taprooms, brew pubs and homebrew supply shops. It provides American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members with easy access to their member benefits.

Are you thirsty and hungry too? Want supplies for your next brew day and can’t wait? Then locate the nearby breweries, pubs and brewing supplies, as well as money- saving AHA Member Deal participants using the handy locator and sate your thirst.

Check your account daily and keep track of how many Member Deals you have redeemed and collections you have completed. You can also view your digital membership card and renew it. So, manage all these settings in My Account settings.

You can change your location under the settings of the App if you want to alter your deals through phone alerts. Brew Guru has a huge collection of hand picked recipes and resources collected from Zymurgy magazine and the American Homebrewers Association on themes ranging from Belgian ales to bottling to brewing in a bag.

So, in a nutshell, I would say that Brew Guru is a sidekick to the wonderful world of beer, built by the AHA, a community of more than 46,000 beer lovers nationwide. What a lovely app, it is? It is simply a unique way to enhance your brewing knowledge.

Download Brew Guru today and discover important deals. Start your free trial for 15 days and enjoy the app.

PROS: sate your thirst; save money; help to find local breweries; the intuitive UI; easy to use; 15 days free trial.

CONS: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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