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Words have a magical power which inspires us to achieve anything in your life. When a child speaks his first word either Mom or Dad, then his parents feel proud and can’t express their emotions. Likewise, when a child grows up, he listens new words and try to speak them. But while he reads and hears too many words in a single day, how many of them do he really remember? The reason is he doesn’t know their real meanings, and don’t know their importance in their life. Therefore, never pays attention to them. If you show a picture of the word or translate it, he can never forget it. However, it’s a difficult task if there are so many words. But, no need to worry now. Here’s a good news for you. Today I am here to introduce you a new app that will solve your problem. It’s an incredible fast app which creates word lists very easily. It’s called “Learn Words”.

This is the latest iOS app developed by Linguineo BVBA. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it requires 7.0 or any later version of the Operating System.


With Learn Words, you can easily import words that you want to learn. You can click a photo of the words you want to add either it is a page of a textbook or a menu. The app will recognize them as text and a word list will be created. If you want to translate words and see their examples and pictures, then you can do it easily with this app. It makes extremely easy to supplement your word list with the practice material you need. You can speak words, type them or you can also select them from predefined word lists.

You can practice exercises also to learn the words completely. There are speaking, listening, image recognition, writing and multiple choice exercises which you can set up according to your need. You can use rehearsal mode, which is like a test that determines which words you know and which one’s you don’t. You can track your progress as you proceed and see how many words you learn over time.

Coming on the graphics side, the app is very neatly designed. The display is highly-defined and the User Interface is very good. It is a perfect app for you to learn new words.

Learning words, the whole day sounds boring? Wait, Learn Words offer you to play after in between your practice. You can play crosswords or word searches which will also help you to get knowledge and learn words.


Overall, Learn words is an app that can develop your personality. “Learn Words” has many extra features- it can export your word list to pdf format, speech output for all words and sentences and the app can synchronize many languages such as English, Dutch, French and many more. You can access your word list offline to practice any time, which makes this app unique from other apps.

This app is available for free in the app store. Download it now!

PROS: creates word lists through images; easy word enrichment, exercise, play, track results, nice display, works offline also.

CONS: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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